Home Opener April 25

Discussion in 'Phoenix Rising FC' started by kenntomasch, Jan 31, 2015.

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    ...a month into the USL Pro season.

    There has to be a baseball reason, extended spring training or something. Because it makes no sense not to take advantage of our late March/early April weather.
  2. Brother Badgerjohn

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    It gives them more time to prepare more slander about other SGs
  3. azjohnnymac

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    The last Giants, home, preseason game is the afternoon of April 1st. Last season, it was stated that it took about 2 weeks for the new sod to fully take root and be ready to be played on. With this in mind, it would be, at least the 15/16 of Arpil, so the first weekend fixture would be Saturday the 18th and this is only 1 week later than that. Because they have to fit around other clubs schedule limitations too, then this may have made the 18th unworkable.
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    Good call!
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    Alice Cooper > Carrie Underwood

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