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    Remember the concept of two players competing for every position? Looks like Luxa will have some one waiting in the wings if he falters.

    Real Madrid president to offer job to Hierro
    Provided by: Frank Henriksen

    Fernando Hierro is set to be offered a high-profile role by Real Madrid.

    Real president Florentino Perez, on advice from his No2 Emilio Butragueno and captain Raul, is ready to offer an olive branch to Hierro to bring the former skipper back to the club.

    Hierro, who retired at the end of last season with Bolton Wanderers, will be offered a player liaison job. Perez wants the Spanish legend to act as a intermediary between the players and the board to assist with morale.

    "If Hierro accepts this position, he won't be working in a director's capacity," a source told AS. "Rather we will see the image of Hierro rescued, which is as important to the players as it is the fans."
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    Hierro is going to "assist with morale", to be an "intermediary between the players and the board", but "he won't be working in a director's capacity"....fishy. How could this possibly work? Hierro was the boss in the dressing room, a true captain that when he spoke everybody shut up and listened, the one not to mess around with. When he turned against the club's policies, precisely to defend players affected by Real's new policies, he had to be fired. He was even having the players not celebrate the Liga when they won it in the stadium, this is how strong he was. How can you give him such a bs job in which he is going to be in his older roles outside of the field but with no power to do anything. How is this going to work and how do they think at the club it is going to work?. Hierro is above all a man loyal to his club and colors, he is a "company man", after all he never went in the open to the press or any such thing, so he must not have been difficult to convince that he is needed again, paid well...he may actually do what he is told, but if things don't go right, I just have to wonder for how long.
    No, this is just plain and simple politics. Hierro's demise did damage the dressing room. Raul is not a captain like him and he can't just handle the dressing room with people that don't even care to know each other (Beckham, let's say), or who have so much personal business on the side to really care about the club first like he does. In the middle of all this, it could be that everybody at the club knows that there is no union (Zidane was taking about this a few days ago, saying that they still need more of it) in the team, no true leader, and they have not been able to forget about Hierro. The people inside the club, and the players from the house like Raul, Helguera, Guti, Casillas, Roberto Carlos, they may feel that if Hierro had stayed until retirement, even just in the bench, things may have been different (such as the horrible showing at the end of the season two years ago when Real would just loose every game and players would even get themselves suspended not to show up at the Bernabeu).
    I think that the reason why Hierro is coming back is because the club knows that what they lost when they fired him was not just an aging defender, they lost the leader that made a team be a team. This one is dangerous, however, as he showed before (and I still believe rightfully so as it has been proven over the past two years), so they kill two birds with one stone bringing him back: they have somebody capable of easing up the dressing room (just his presence will make some happy), but they take power away from him so he can't really touch anybody (he has to behave himself with the "stars"), or have a say in the club. They tried something similar with Michel, and he chose not to. Simple politics. Still, like Michel said in that interview recently, I don't think Hierro's or Florentino's ideas have changed much, and they are not alike. This may turn out to be interesting, even though I hope it does not. If it does, it means that Real is not doing well.

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