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    Hello. I'm looking for a Chinese speaker to read and translate some Chinese soccer tickets I have in my collection. I got them a good twenty years ago, from someone in Shanghai. I'm looking for the teams that played and the date of the match. Thanks a lot!

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    Hello! Did you find help on your subject?
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    Apr 18, 2020

    Looking at this picture, it seems to me that you better contact some kind of translation service, or find a native Chinese speaker who knows English well
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    Dec 3, 2020
    I am from China.,are you for help now?
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    shenhua-1996-soccer-ticket-jpeg - Generic Student Ticket to a Shenhua match for 1995 season

    shenhua-1997-soccer-ticket-jpeg - Match ticket for 1997 May 18th. Looks like
    18 May Shanghai Shenhua 1 – 1(3 - 2 agg.) Guangzhou Apollo

    chinese-shanghai-soccer-ticket-jpeg 1998 China Korea club Special Match vs Busan (Pusan) football club

    china-fa-cup-1995-soccer-ticket-jpeg 1995 Phillips FA Cup no date or team name

    small-chinese-soccer-ticket-jpeg but this one looks like a prize/sweepstake ticket rather than any match ticket

    Hope this helps.
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