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Discussion in 'The Beautiful Game' started by Excape Goat, Oct 12, 2003.

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    The link below is from the official Hong Kong FA website. This is no internet scum!!!

    Cheung Yiu Lun was a professional soccer player in HK. He was known to be a devoted Buddhist who did not drink or smoke. He was also a vegetarian.

    Last week, he was killed in an auto accident. His wife is 8-month pregnant. Soccer players made little money in HK. Any help will be appreciated. Cheung played his last game against Real Madrid.

    A Hong Kong Bank account (A/C No. : 002-220598-002) is now active for donations. Donations payment made by cheque is also acceptable. Cheque payment should be payable to " The Hong Kong Football Association Limited - cheung Yiu Lun Family Benevolent Fund" or " Cheung Yiu Lun Family Benevolent Fund". You might wire money to Hong Kong Bank, 1 Queens Road Central, Hong Kong.
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    Jun 15, 2002
    Tragedies happen all the time.

    If I gave money to all the people that asked me for some, they'd have more than I do.

    I'm sure there's awful stuff happening to lower league footballers in this country on a regular basis.

    Sending my money halfway round the world to some widow because her former husband played football, isn't going to happen.
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    If I say something like that, it's trolling.

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