hello from the netherlands, better known as Holland

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  1. Hello from Holland!

    I stumbled on discussions about Jonathan de Guzman, who plays for my favourite team.
    I can understand that many of you feel awkward about the chance that JdG chooses for the orange team.
    On of you stated that it will be good for his career. With this I donot agree. He will have a great career, even if he doesnot play for the Dutch national team. Sadly though at the end your career is not measured in the amount of money you have earned with soccer, but by the prizes you have won.
    And one prize, or better two prizes stand on top, the first being a winner of the world cup and the second being the winner of the european championship.
    In both accounts there is not much of a chance for JdG to win either as player for the national canadian team. So, if he chooses to play in the orange shirt, can we blame him?
    By the way, many national team coaches get sick seeing what players we have to leave home, even superstar strikers like Roy Makaay.
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    Welcome to BigSoccer. I went to my first game in De Kuip in 12/04 and enjoyed it.

    You should have signed Clint Dempsey.
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    Welcome! We have a huge Dutch contingent here so you're more than welcome to discuss this with them. :)
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    Welcome... how on earth can you be from Zaandam and support feyenoord btw?
  5. Hi,

    thank you for your note.
    I wonder how you got involved with my team? Your from the USA, I guess.
    How did you get to know their existance?
  6. Thank you for your welcome!
    How do I recognize the Dutch in the crowd?
  7. Omdat ik oorspronkelijk uit Rotjeknor kom, that's why!!
    By the way, goeie koop dit keer!

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