Headed to match on the 10th

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls: Supporters Clubs' started by PtownJungle, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Last year I flew into NYC for the revs NYRB match and you guys were really helpful in answering some questions I had pre trip.

    Now its kind of same deal just with a different approach. Honestly.. im sick of the revs organization and the way the FO has ran the team so I haven't bothered making the trip.. instead I plan on taking the new C&J bus line for a couple of the remaining games at RBA to watch some quality play in a good atmosphere. I'm wondering if anyone has a ticket available or a link where I can purchase one for the RB supporters section for the match.

    Thanks guys
    - doug
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    when you call the ticket office, ask for a ticket in 101/133/102. Be sure to call, that's the only way, i'm told in how to purchase a supporter's section ticket.

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