Hartman on ESPN radio today.

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by stopper, Jul 26, 2002.

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    Nov 17, 2000
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    I was running errands today and tuned into Big Joe and Doug. They mentioned that some G's were going to be on the show today so I decided to try to call in.

    Hartman and Bengard were on ESPN Radio today at about 5:45 today. I called in to ask if they would be taking calls. The producer said no.

    When the interview started and the niceties were done, Doug started in with the "compare MLS with European leagues" and "will MLS be here in 50 years". The usual stuff. I figured I'd try again. This time the producer put me on hold.

    Joe did manage to ask a question about goalies, or it could've been Doug, and about the pressure and the gaff committed by Seaman in the World Cup. A decent question, I thought. Hartman was very candid, and admitted to making a big mistake in MLS Cup '99. I thought it was good radio.

    Then they let me on and told the boys that the Riot Squad was with them. Then I asked them about the rumors about the Korean defender. Hartman said that the FO pretty much keep the day-to-day stuff from the guys and he didn't let on about what the guys felt about it. He did mention Korean night and the big turn out by the Reds.

    As I was saying thanks and good-bye, I said, "Hey, you owe us beer, Cat." He chuckled and said, "So I heard."

    I thought that was pretty cool.
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    I liked when Joe referred to you as "their" soccer fan and caller. Good stuff.

    Don't mind Doug. I rip on him all the time for being a Eurosnob.
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    Good job stopper, set him straight! :) And good job getting on the air and discussing footie too.

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