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  1. Slash/ED

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    Apr 19, 2002
    Harte caught the attention of the Spanish giants when playing against Spain during this summer's World Cup finals in Japan and South Korea.

    Despite missing a penalty in the second half, Harte's overall display in the second round match in Suwon, which the Republic eventually lost in a penalty shoot-out, made him an instant signing target for the Catalan club.

    Now Barca's returning coach Louis van Gaal is preparing a £3 million offer for the Drogheda-born 25-year-old.

    Harte, who has spent his entire professional career at Elland Road has also been the subject of interest from Italian side Internazionale of Milan. However, now that Francesco Coco has left the Nou Camp, van Gaal's need for a left-sided defender has increased and he is willing to outbid the Serie A side.

    Harte started all four of his country's matches at the World Cup finals.

  2. BerwynBlazers

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    Jul 23, 2001
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    ian harte didn't impress anyone at the world cup. he blew his chance big time.
  3. Slash/ED

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    Apr 19, 2002
    You think I don't know that!?! I'm bloody amazed! I'd rather have Babb in there. But there are three things to take into account here.

    1. Van Gaal is a complete muppet who couldn't manage a p!ss up in a bury.

    2. Van Gaals Holland met Ireland twice in qualification and no doubt scouted us in every match, Harte racked up an impressive four goals and played quite well.

    3. Harte, for all his lack of ability defending is quite a potent threat going forward, his passing, shooting, crossing (though not corners) and free kicks are very potent, Barca play a Keegan style all out attacking style, Harte would fit this very well.

    Also, he was quite good under Graham, Graham dropped him and told him to get his act together or he's out of here, and he came back motiviaited, non lazy and excellent defencively and attacking, I think he was the left back for the PFA team of the year. O'Leary could never pull this off, ever, to anyone, so Harte got lazy and complacent, maybe Van Gaal saw him a few years back? Also, maybe Venebles can get his form of a few years ago back?
  4. Leto

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    Aug 23, 2001
    I'd say that Inter's interest has waned a bit considering that they're the club who've *gotten* Coco.....I actually wouldn't mind him getting this move - it would be a fresh start after all the criticism he's had in the last couple of years. Although with McCarthy's fairly limited view of world geography, he might disappear from the radar altogether, and despite the last 6 months, I still rate him, especially if he can pay attention to what's going on for more than 5 minutes.
  5. Slash/ED

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    Apr 19, 2002
    I'd love to believe his attacking play matches his defencive but it doesn't, or hasn't for a while, Maybe this move will help but the fact remains Finnan and Carr are and always will be far superior players in every inch of grass on the pitch, if Mick drops one of these for Harte I'm getting the shot gun out, and don't even start on let's put our best player out of position to accomdate Kilbane.
  6. Nigel_Sausagepump

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    Jul 22, 2002
    My Jayzis!
    How dare you have a go at Ian Harte, he turns up at training and gives 100%, what more can you ask for?
    So what if he has the pace of a crippled sloth and as much defensive nous as Sam Marino's back four, he's a game lad and thus exonerated from all criticism.

    Back in the world of the living.......why oh why do people still rate this man?! Aside from the World Cup, I refer you to the Leeds-PSV game last year at Elland Road. Dennis Rommendahl made him look like a schoolboy...and as for what Solano did to him against Newcastle.

    I'm just glad Duffer plays on the left wing...he'd almost be embarrassed to face Hartey in Irish squad get togethers after making him look like Wurzel Gummidge during a match!
  7. yorkshirepud

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    Aug 9, 2002
    Ya, McCarty will still play him LB against Finland and Kilbane as winger(If you could call him that!).
  8. WishyWashy

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    Aug 8, 2002
    Listen up you lot. What's all this business about Carr & Finnan filling the full back berths? (over a few different threads) Yes, they are without doubt 2 of the best full backs in the Premiership (when fit), but both, and this seems to have evaded most of you, are RIGHT BACKS!
    I think it would be magnificent if Finnan can be converted to the left side and prove to be as effective for Ireland as he has been on the right, but let's not just assume it. Also, Stephen Carr, who incidentally I think is the best right back in Europe when fit, is only just back from a nightmare injury. He has broken down a couple of time during his recovery, so let's not expect too much from the guy straight away, eh!
    With all that in mind, it is quite likely that Ian Harte will still be in mind, when Michael McCarthy comes around to picking his side against Russia, AND RIGHTLY SO! He is not world class, he is not the best defender and he can be caught for pace, in fact he frightens the bejaysus out of me a lot of the time, however he is not as bad as he was during the world cup! I don't know if it was lack of form, fear or just losing his self-confidence after a lot of bad press, but he played well below what he can. Ironically, after he missed the penalty against Spain, he seemed to lose his fear and actually played his best football of the tournament. He has had some good seasons for Leeds too!
  9. Pat Mustard

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    Aug 12, 2002
    Very wishy washy

    Of course he lost his fear, sure wasn't he taken off very soon after he missed the fooking penalty against Spain?
  10. Slash/ED

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    Apr 19, 2002
    Because Finnan is the most versatile member of our squad.

    1) Finnan used to play on the wings, he in fact started as a left winger.

    2) Finnan can use both feet, he is a lethal crosser with his left foot, see McAteers goal V Holland and Keanes V Russia.

    So he's played left side and can play with both feet, therfor would make a fine left back, certinally better then calamity Harte.

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