Hampton Roads Piranhas v. N. Virginia Majestics [R]

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    Hampton Roads pulled out a 3-2 win against the Northern Virginia Majestics and will now play the Kansas City Mystics next.

    N.Va. Adjoa Bayor (Basilea Amoah-Tetteh) 9th
    H.R. Kele Golebiowski (Ashley McGhee) 11th
    H.R. Jenna Szyluk 22nd
    H.R. Elizabeth McGrail (McGhee) 67th
    N.Va. Jennifer Farina (Elizabeth Baidu) 83rd

    Potomac News:


    Memphis also beat Chicago 4-2 to advance.
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    Aug 28, 1999
    Ashley's a Canadian girl!!! glad her team advanced!!!! :D

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    Thanks for the Link

    Nice story in the Potomac News. Thanks for the link. Our local Norfolk/VA Beach paper had a story in their print edition, but nothing on their web-site, when I tried to post a link.

    Sounds like it was a good game. Kele Golebiowski keeps on scoring goals. I'm surprised she hasn't been picked up by a WUSA team. I think the women's leagues are much closer in talent than the MLS and A-league. It would be great if there were a women's version of the US Open Cup. I'm sure the W-league teams would be very competitive.
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    Re: Thanks for the Link

    Golebiowski would count against the foreign allotment for a WUSA team (Australia). She would have to beat out a current foreign player to get on a roster, or have a roster spot open up and be selected to fill it.

    I beleive there is an US Open Cup for the women. Someone can correctly if I am wrong, but I think some of the WPSL teams have competed in it, but none of the W-League teams have in the past, and the WUSA has had no interest.
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    yeeeeeeep Golebiowski is an aussie therefore a foregin spot needs to be cleared before she can enter a WUSA team. but with teams making adjustments here and there in the off season, she may be in a WUSA team next season. but being an aussie and a fan of both australian & american soccer, it would be great if she can get a spot in a WAUS side, she deserves it and being a san jose fan :p we do need someone to partner katia up front after the retriement of muzza

    and umm i dont mean to b picky but her name is spelt Kelly, not Kele...sorry

    GO AUSSIE!!!

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