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    Asian Rivalries is gone. We can no longer tolerate what was tolerated on that board on the main boards.
    Racist comments will get you a red card. Ignoring our warnings will get you yellowed. If you troll, then we will simply ban you from this board.

    Other rules and guidelines;

    Always use an [R] in the thread titles that would give scores away.
    Never include scores in the thread title.

    PMs are just that, Private Messages , posting of PMs and/or reputation comments are not allowed due to the many problems that this has caused in the past.

    When visiting sub forums that you usually dont post in, remember that you are to conduct yourself as a guest. If you fail to do so, we will simply ban you from that subforum.

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    All threads that are AR material will be closed. All threads that have no point and lead to stupid "Last time you beat us was in 1896" comments will be closed. Threads that are "Who thinks Laos is better than Guam" will also be closed.

    Thank you.

    Now, Thread Closed. :D

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