Guatemala v. USA: Player Ratings {R}

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    May 1, 2004
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    I usually don't mess with rating the players with numbers, but for the hell of it, I'm going to post my numbers and compare it to Carlisle's whenever he gets his article posted.

    Howard - 7
    Dolo -3
    Gooch - 6
    Boca - 7
    Pearce - 4
    Mastroeni - 4
    Bradley - 5
    Donovan - 5
    Lewis - 4
    Dempsey - 3
    Ching - 5
    Edu - 5
    Hejduk - 5
    Beasley - 6

    Bob Bradley - 6
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    Sep 5, 2001
    I don't have a problem with that shot. I have a problem with the fact that it was the only one. I have a problem with the fact that in the first half, we kept getting the ball upfield on the wings only to have it go to pot because neither of our forwards could get separation and make a play. And I'm a little astonished that posters have become so Bob-ized as to the responsibility of forwards that they consider Ching's performance adequate. If that had been Wayne Rooney, would the English be saying, "Wow, he did a great job checking back."

    I recall just one shot from us created inside the box in the run of play. When was the last time a forward scored for us against someone other than Barbados? I think it was Jozy's goal against Mexico, but maybe I'm wrong.
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    Jan 16, 2003
    Howard 6.5 - Commanded area and looked like he had the dangerous situations covered. Poor distribution contributed to all the pressure he faced.

    Dolo 3.5 - Better in the attack than any of the midfielders. Dumb, dumb red.

    Gooch 6.5 - MOTM. Good marking. At least tries to play balls through the midfield.

    Boca 6 - Solid last ditch defending. Excellent ability to lose marker for the goal. Atrocious distribution.

    Pearce 3.5 - Hung out to dry by Lewis. Looked much better when DMB came on. Roasted one-on-one several times. Lucky to escape penalty.

    Bradley 6 - Composed and energetic. A few bad give aways.

    Mastro 5 - Added bite but little going forward.

    Lewis 2 - Added nothing. Failed to link with or help Pearce. Black hole.

    Donovan 4.5 - Decent first half. Disappeared in second. Not the performance the US needs from its supposed best player.

    Dempsey 3 - Started brightly then disappeared. Doesnt appear to know role in this formation (if he has one).

    Ching 6 - About as well as he can play. Ran himself into ground. Freed Boca for goal. Few chances and not fast enough to take advantage of space.


    DMB 7 - Stabilized left side. Played intelligently while injured (he looked to be at about 60%). Nice ball for goal. When DMB provides the best US possession soccer, that's pathetic.

    Frankie 5 - Did his thing. Silly to expect anything else.

    Edu 5.5 - looked fine.

    Referee 7.5 - Controlled match.

    Bradley 5 - Is who he is. Doesn't value possession. Teams play ugly. Almost no chances in run of play. Designs dangerous set pieces. Acceptable strategy for road qualies in CA, but appears to be only strategy. High floor, low ceiling.
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    Sep 10, 1999
    from where? The midfield stripe?
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    Overall thoughts:

    1. Sad state of affairs when Carlos Bocanegra keeps getting the starting nod . . . because of his offense.

    2. Gooch was a rock, anyone says otherwise turned the TV off and didn't watch the last 20 minutes of the match. He won every ball played in the air into the box. When we bunkered back, the Guats could not break us down and resorted to long balls into the box. Gooch won them all- period. Just what we pay him to do.

    3. Boca was out of position a lot tonight, but I'm giving him a pass on that because we played a three man backline with no left back.

    4. I don't know what position Heath Pearce played last night. Was he upfield so much because he was trying to support a wholly ineffective Eddie Lewis, or was he just stupid? Heath's worst game in a USA uniform after a string of very good games. He played better after DMB came in, so maybe there's hope.

    5. Howard is taking control of this team. That's good because we need someone to do it and Timmy's fu**ing awesome. That's bad because I'd really wish someone on offense would take control of the team and organize our attack. Landon's not going to do that.

    6. Freddy Adu's killer passes really cut the inexperienced Guat backline to pieces last night. He was just what we needed to run the ball through the middle against those keystone cops. He's unlucky not to have 4 assists . . . . wait, Freddy's in Monaco. Bob decided we didn't need him.

    7. If we are going to continue with this offensive ineptitude, we need a target forward who can do something with the ball after he wins it. I'm not 100% sure Cooper is the man for that, but I'm 100% sure EJ and Brian Ching aren't and I'm willing to give Cooper a try now. Jozy's not ready, so don't look to him as your salvation for at least another year.
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    You can bitch about not having Cooper but to complain about not having Adu is assinine. He just transferred to a new team, was gone for the Olympics and is just getting into training for Monaco.

    We didn't need Adu last night for a game that in all reality should be meaningless when we fininsh the hex. It is far better to have a productive Adu that has been starting when we get to the final hex.

    I don't understand or agree with all Bob's choices, however not bringing Adu was a no brainer. I think if Edu had already obtained his work permit he would have been left off the roster as well.
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    5 as an average:

    Howard - 8 - My Man of the Match. Bailed us out numerous times, and allowed few, if any, rebounds in poor conditions. Commanding his box well both on crosses and loose balls that could have been corners. Technically, dinged slightly for the yellow on Ruiz, but that son of a bitch had it coming.

    Pearce - 4.5 - Had a tough time with the pace of the Guatemalan right mid. On a different night, his block might have been construed as a hand ball. Not surprisingly, looked much better 10 v. 10 with Beasley as his support.

    Bocanegra - 7 - Got the goal and made numerous tough tackles in the box to prevent clear shots. Still allowed his man to get free a few times on set pieces.

    Onyewu - 6.5 - The reason Guatemalan crosses were not Guatemalan assists. Dominated the air and his distribution was decent.

    Cherundolo - 3 - When playing straight-up, did a good job defending 1 v. 1. Got robbed on the first yellow, but only has himself to blame for the second.

    Lewis - 4 - Still wondering why he started over Beasley. Virtually every attack went down the right in the first half, he didn't give Pearce defensive cover, and didn't do anything on set pieces.

    Mastroeni - 4.5 - Mismatched with Bradley in the midfield. Gave the Guat. midfield too much time on the ball, and didn't add anything to the attack. Also picked up a yellow.

    Bradley - 5 - Far too many giveaways for my liking, but at least tried to vary the tempo. Surprisingly composed game. Still working his ass off in the 90th minute (evidenced by his run with the ball past 3 defenders as time expired.)

    Donovan - 5 - Showed some promise in his combinations with Dempsey and Ching a few times. Odd that he didn't seize many counter-attacking opportunities. Still shows unwillingness to attack defenders 1 v. 1.

    Dempsey - 5 - Thought he was our best attacker in the first half. Moved well off the ball, took some shots from distance when the rest of our team seemed hesitant, and linked up a few times with Ching and Donovan. Along with our entire attack, absent in the second half. Cheap yellow.

    Ching - 5.5 - The extra .5 is his effort in the last 10 minutes of the game. As a 'target striker', he does the 'target' work better than anybody, but forgets about the 'striker' element.

    Beasley - 6.5 - Changed the game. Got the assist off a well-taken corner, added some much needed possession to our play, and worked hard on defense. Should clearly start the next match.

    Hejduk - 5.5 - On par with Ching: limited player who does exactly what's expected of him. Did a good job man-marking Guat.'s left side. Who would have thought back in 2000 that Hejduk would be our composed vet?

    Edu - 5.5 - Helped congest the middle in the last 15 minutes.

    Bradley - 4 - Still enamored with redundant central midfield pairings. Not sure what he was thinking with the Lewis start. Good subs, but also forced by injury. Once again, his tactical approach creates few chances from run of play.
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    I'm not a huge fan of Ching as a starting forward but I think your comments are well off base considering his play last nite for a number of reasons.

    First, I'm not sure what you mean by saying that goals from our centerbacks are not going to be there against better opponents. It immediately made me think back to the Gold Cup 6 years ago when Boca scored on off a corner in about the 5th minute against Brazil (with Kaka in the midfield) in Miami. Frankly, the strength of our team is the ability to convert off of set pieces against CONCACAF minnows or even against better teams -- we've been much more likely to score from a set piece than from the run of play and, imo, that is due to a couple factors: (a) Boca and Gooch are two of the best offensive center backs for set pieces and (b) we need to do a better job scoring goals from the run of play. Thus, dismissing the possibility of us scoring from a set piece ignores a large part of our tactics imo.

    Second, Ching was, in fact, instrumental in the goal that was scored. If you'll watch the replay the Guats take Gooch down at the top of the box and then Ching essentially screens off two guys allowing Boca to be wide open for his perfect finish. It was a well set up and executed play and Ching did his job perfectly. I think he is not getting near enough credit for the job he did there. Oh and incidentally I think Boca is not getting near enough credit for his offensive prowess. Dude lead the premiership two years ago in goals scored by a defensive player and his snap header was absolutely dead on last nite. Its as if people just feel he was in the right place at the right time and got lucky. Sure, there is a touch of luck involved but that corner play was set up brilliantly and Boca finished with style. He is an offensive asset to our team and I think more on this board should recognize that.

    Finally, after we got a goal lead I thought Ching did a remarkable job of showing for the ball, maintaining possession and getting the ball out to his midfielders. Look, Ruud he is not BUT he did a very effective job of ensuring we walked out of there with a 1-0 win and along with Bradley worked tremendously over the last 20 minutes to kill the game. I'm not sure any other player would have been as effective for the US in this position.

    All that said, I'm not advocating that Ching should be a lock starter or that the tactics we used were solid or anything along those lines (Ching is way down on my pecking order). However, it is frustrating to me that Ching's contribution to the win is not recognized here. Dude should not be recognized just for hustling his ass off. He should be recognized for hustling his ass off to create a goal and to kill the game off for us -- both integral to our first ever victory in Guatemala.

    Kudos to Ching!
  9. dcole

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    May 27, 2005
    Howard, Boca and the three subs had good nights. The rest...not so much.

    Howard- 10: Did everything asked of him. Awesome saves and better-than-usual distribution. Saved our asses yet again.

    Boca- 7: Great defense and well-taken goal. Good positioning on Ruiz for most of the night and didn't get baited into reacting to that guy's nonsense. Would have been rated higher but for horrific distribution. I didn't see him complete a single pass all night.

    Beasley- 7: Looked great in his short time on the field. Dangerous in the attack, held possession, completed his passes, perfect corner for the goal. Welcome back...yet again.

    Edu- 7: Similar to Beasley. Looked like a stud in limited minutes.

    Hejduk- 7: Great play. Shut down his side of the field.

    Ching- 6: Did his job pretty well. He's no McBride, but he's OK at what he does. Would have liked to see him hustling a bit more to pressure the Guatemalan defenders, particularly near the end.

    Onyewu- 5: Good, solid defense. But, man, his distribution was piss poor. Long ball after long ball to no one. He didn't have the saving tackles and the goal to raise his score like Boca did.

    Bradley/Mastro- 5: Not a good night for either of the twins. Not terrible, but they really should be able to dominate the center against a team like Guatemala, and they just weren't able to.

    Lewis- 4: Got abused defensively and added virtually nothing to the attack.

    Donovan- 4: Looked dangerous in the first half but refused to take people on. Nonexistent in the second half, due in large part to Guatemala's focus on the other side of the field, abusing Pearce.

    Dempsey- 4: Acutally looked pretty good in the first half, but then completely disappeared.

    Dolo- 3: Two very dumb cards spolied his night. Wasn't exactly unbeatable on defense, either. Anxious to see Wynne get his shot with Dolo suspended for the Cuba clash.

    Pearce- 2: EXPOSED!!! My God, was this kid abused, or what? Turtle-like pace, I don't care what anyone says. He got taken to school and failed miserably. What more can I say. He totally sucked. Paging Mr. Bornstein!!!
  10. cc-atl

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    Jul 8, 2005
    Howard (8) - Very solid. Typical Timmy performance

    Cherundolo (3.5) - Stupid fouls and only decent performace when you disregard the fouls

    Gooch (7) - Vey solid game defensively and a threat in the air on set pieces.

    Bocanegra (7) - Also had a very solid game defensively and of course great job on the goal. Boca and Gooch look much better against forwards without great pace like Ruiz. It is the smaller quicker forwards that they struggle with.

    Pearce (3) - Horrible night. By far his worst performance with the USMNT. Hopefully, he will shake it off and come back strong. He is pretty inexperienced in these types of games and environments.

    Donovan (4.5) - He made a few runs at defenders in the 1st half and lost the ball on occassion and then seemed to decide it was not his night and spent the rest of the game hiding from the ball. Reminiscant of the Ghana game in WC 2006.

    Bradley (4.5) - Same old same old. Love the hustle and effort. Hate the give aways and the lack of any creativity going forward.

    Mastroeni (5) - Typical Pablo. Great work defensively and nothing else.

    Lewis (4) - The first time I have watched Eddie and thought he looks old. He was horrible and was way overmatched by the pace of the right side of Guatemala.

    Dempsey (5) - He was ok. Unlike Donovan he at least made himself available to the ball when he was playing up top.

    Ching (5.5) - No suprises. He did fine holding the ball with his back to the goal but is useless with the ball at his feet going forward.


    Hejduk (5) - decent job in limited time.

    Edu (5) - did not have much of an opportunity to show any skill as US was in a bunker when he was on the field.

    Beasley (6.5) - Beasley has to be on the field when we are a man down or protecting a lead. His work rate and pace make him invaluable defensively on the wing.
  11. cc-atl

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    Jul 8, 2005
    I did not post the comments you are referring to and I do not agree with the comments that Donovan is a useless fraud but I was very frustrated with Donovan's performance last night.

    To me it looked like he threw in the towel about 30-40 minutes into the game. Early on he made a few attacking runs and was double teamed and lost the ball on a few occassions. He was also was bounced around a good bit. It sure looked like to me that he then decided it was not going to be his night and he spent the rest of the game hiding from the ball just like he did at times in WC 2006.

    I did rate Demspey higher than Donovan in this game simply because when Dempsey was playing up top he did a much better job of making himself available to his teammates as an outlet. Dempsey may not have been effective but he never hides from the ball.

    Donovan on the other hand from the late 1st half on was content to sit this one out.

    He drives me crazy because he is so talented but so prone to these disappearances where it seems like he decides to leave the result to his teammates and refuses to take chances. It is almost like he is thinking "They can't blame me for the result if I do not touch the ball". I really want to be a Donovan fan so badly but he broke my heart in WC 2006 when he pulled his disappearing acts in both the Czech Republic and Ghana games.

    Playing up top does not mean you have to spend the entire time sitting in the opponents box. If he had just made himself available to the ball like Dempsey did I would have been fine with his performance. But as we have seen before when the going get tough Landon disappears.
  12. Rainer24

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    Jan 6, 2008
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    Saw one person calling Gooch out for poor distribution. Couldn't agree with that LESS. He made plenty of very good passes last night. Yeah, he played a couple long balls, but he nearly sprang Ching for a breakaway with one of them. Otherwise he was playing long, positive passes along the ground straight to our guys' feet. Can't as for much more than that from a CB.
  13. dcole

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    May 27, 2005
    At the very, very end of the game, after Beasley and Edu came on, we started possessing the ball and Gooch made a few good passes. For the first 80 minutes, though, he did nothing but hoof the ball way down field. The one pass you mentioned to Ching (who was offside) wasn't bad, but based on all the other long clearances he made, it appeared to me to have been blind luck. He and Boca both gave the ball away time and again with long passes to no one. They would "knock it around" (props to 'Cello ;)) with the outside backs for a few seconds and then just crank it down field.
  14. Reccossu

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    Jan 31, 2005
    Howard - 8 - MOTM -- please punt to your team
    Pearce - 3 - shades of Corrales; the US must find better players than this
    Boca - 7 - pretty solid with a bonus for the finish
    Gooch - 7 - only guy who kept his cool
    Dolo - 2 - playground quality -- pathetic -- the US must find better players than this
    Bradley - 4 - did he ever hold the ball and switch the field - got bonus for no card
    Pablo - 3 - the US must find better players than this
    Lewis - 3 - absolutely awful, the US must find better players than this
    Donovan - 3 - so weak and afraid; I am a fan, but he absolutely did not want the ball near him; he played like a chicken.
    Ching - 4 - Played wide and tried to cross way too much; the US must find better players than this
    Dempsey - 3 - saved by Cherundolo from being the worst on the field; he's turned into a punk with nothing to back it up; the US must find better players than this

    Edu - NR
    Frankie - 4 - slight improvement
    Beasley - 3 - crap

    BB - 1 - this guy can't even LOOK compentent; got completely b-slapped in halftime tactical adjustments and had zero answers; the US must find a better coach than this

    I am very happy they won, but it was undeserved. Howard and the central defense were the only thing that looked better than my pub team.
  15. Wile Coyote

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    Sep 21, 2000
    Punta del Este, Uru.
    Club Nacional de Football
    Landon Donovan was utter WORTHLESS... INVISABLE the whole game I would have taken him out at the 60th Min... really what a waste of space......

    I'll defend my ********** dempsey what can he do when he has no one to serve him proper which is MR INVISABLE DONOVAN's job to do so..........

    Howard SUPER MAN what a game I knew from the 1st few games he started to play that this kid would be some thing special... #1 with out a doubt a wall a lion......has no issues in ********ing yelling at his own back line and telling them whats up.... (a meola trait perhaps)
    the man of the match with out any doubt.....

    bad field bad lighting the result is justified...........the yanks did what they had to do.. I wanted a victory any thing else is un acceptable....

    I expect and demand victories against every one in this group every any thing else is un acceptable to me.....
  16. Ghosting

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    Aug 20, 2004
    Pendleton, OR
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    It's really hard to rate players in a game like this for two reasons
    1. The team strategy is not attacking, or constructive. It's to play disciplined and conservative.
    2. None of have any idea what BB was asking each player to do, so we don't know if a player was doing what he was asked, but not what we thought he should be doing.

    With that in mind, I'm assuming most players were told to be conservative, avoid any obvious errors, and take their chances as they arise. With that in mind...

    Howard - 8 - Timmy didn't have to make any really tough saves, but he did everything he was supposed to do defensively, and gave the whole team confidence. I'd like to see his distribution improve a little... but you can almost always say that about any keeper.
    Pearce - 2 - Pearce was an incredible liability all game long. He was continually out of position (too wide and too high). This would have been OK if BB was telling him to attack and he'd been somewhat dangerous. but...
    Boca - 5 - Made far too many "great recoveries". In other words, he was out of position. That said, BB may have really planned for him to cover for Pearce, in which case he did a pretty good job. Nice goal, but his teamates did a lot of the work for him
    Gooch - 7 - Didn't hear much about Gooch from the announcers last night. That's because he didn't make any obvious mistakes. Solid as a rock.
    Dolo - 4 - I thought Dolo did well until his second booking. I think he had to take that foul because he didn't ahve cover. He also was unfortunate not to get the call on the Guat for pushing him down. I only remember him getting beat defensively one time, and it was 'cause Boca dropped behind the line and held the wide player onside.
    Bradley - 5 - pretty solid in the middle. Looked better late in the game than he has in the past. Still gives away too many balls, and should have laid off that shot in the second half to LD.
    Pablo - 5 - I thought he played a solid game and did what was asked of him.
    Lewis - 4 - Didn't seem that effective. Not sure why.
    Donovan - 5 - Did all the little things that he was asked to do and showed flashes of dangerous play. Harkes mentioned that BB was telling him to play more defensively in the second half, which may explain his "disappearance".
    Ching - 6 - I thought Chinger had a great game. Yeah... he wasn't shooting every three minutes, but this wasn't that type of game. He set up the goal with hard play, held up the ball well, and did a good job harrassing the Guat defenders. My guess is that this is exactly what he was asked to do.
    Dempsey - 3 - Like others, I don't know what's up with Duece. He looks like he is completely disinterested most of the time. It's almost like he thinks he's put in all his hard work to get where he is and he can just coast now. Remember when he played mid his first year with the Revs and he had bite and grit in his game? Where did that go?

    Edu - 5 - came on and was steady-steady
    Frankie - 5 - Did what was asked of him
    Beasley - 6 - Not sure if it was the sending off or Bease' quality... but he looked good coming in and kept the Guats jumpin.

    BB - 6 - He got the win. It was a little lucky, but I'm guessing that he drew it up that way. People need to remember that you can't fault BB for playing a style in these qualifiers that get us through. It's hard to equate these qualies to the WC finals. They don't really prepare us fot that. They just get us there.
  17. mcnaulty21

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    Feb 6, 2007
    Fulham FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    He just got our first World Cup Qualifying win in Guatemala ever. What more do you want?

    Kid, were you drunk when you watched the match/wrote that?
  18. giffenbone

    giffenbone Member

    Jan 22, 2006
    Raleigh, NC
    I just didn't think that was worth responding to
  19. cleansheetbsc

    cleansheetbsc Member+

    Mar 17, 2004

    But you don't seem to penalize Boca for his hospital balls, turnovers and (U-10 parent yelling) "Big kicks". See what you want to see.
  20. Nutmeg

    Nutmeg Member+

    Aug 24, 1999
    His distribution was horrible. Given that I think our inability to maintain possession and intelligently progress the ball are the biggest issues on Bradley's teams, I grade cheap turnovers harshly.
  21. monop_poly

    monop_poly Member

    May 17, 2002

    AMEN! My work is done for me.
  22. Rainer24

    Rainer24 Member

    Jan 6, 2008
    Nashville, TN
    VfB Stuttgart
    Nat'l Team:
    United States

    The keeper's primary objective is to keep the ball out. Timmy commanded the area and didn't bobble a thing, all on a wet surface. 6 is way too harsh.
  23. snkscore

    snkscore Member+

    Jun 24, 2007
    La Grange, IL

    Who is this Rico Clark you are talking about who won't pick up silly yellows?

    With Ruiz on the field, he might have picked up a 6 game FIFA ban.
  24. dcole

    dcole Member+

    May 27, 2005
    He gave Howard a 4.
  25. goalhound

    goalhound New Member

    Jun 27, 2008
    Sol Cal
    1-10 scale

    Howard - 7.5 - MOTM for me, made some big saves, no rebounds. Every single time he had the ball in the 1st half he played it over the top!
    Dolo - 4 - Played well on both sides of the ball, serious brain farts could have cost the game.
    Onyewu - 7.0 - Great overall game, had a handful of weak clearances to the center of the field.
    Boca - 6.5 - BocaGol! Two crucial sliding blocks as the last defender in front of the goalmouth. Poor distribution.
    Pearce - 4 - Obviously the weak link on D. Good work rate. Was unable to deny his man the ball, hold possession or contribute tothe attack.
    Donovan - 5 - First half more dangerous than second.
    Mastroeni - 5.5 Strong on the ball with good decision making.
    Bradley - 4.5 - Couple of hospital balls, didn't do much wrong or right.
    Lewis - 3.5 - Step too slow. Zero support from Pearce and Bradley so hard to really judge. Brave header put us back in the game.
    Dempsey - 4.5 - His movement in the first half pressed the Guats back but didn't link well with Ching. Gave some Clintitude to the Ref everytime he got called, Pando for flopping, and the coach for subbing him out. Suck it up and play son! (except the Pando part)
    Ching - 6 - Quiet first half, did everything right at the end. Twellman-esque breakaway threat but involved teammates well.

    - 4.5 - fully caffeinated defensive desperation
    Beasley - 6 - Positive influence, good possession and awareness.
    Edu - ? - closed it out well enough

    DMB helped orchestrate the one significant spell of possession around the 86th minute. Overall the team made very little effort to hold the ball or switch the point of attack from one side to the other.

    The foul on Lewis was a clear red, the defender had no chance of winning that ball.

    Lewis didn't have enough chances to cross, Donovan was unable to get behind the D and Ching didn't see any service except on set plays but somehow we got it done. Guatemalan "soccer" is disgusting and I can't imagine many of the locals were proud of their team last night.

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