Good morning Barra Brava

Discussion in 'Barra Brava' started by BBBulldog, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. BBBulldog

    BBBulldog Moderator
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    Jun 25, 2004
    Dinamo Zagreb
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
  2. vladsta

    vladsta Member

    Jan 11, 2002
  3. Begbie

    Begbie New Member

    Mar 10, 2001
    La Barra Brava
    Wow I'm at work! Waawaaweeewwah....I'll save the link for later.
    I'm still smiling from that epic road trip.
  4. MikeLastort2

    MikeLastort2 Member

    Mar 28, 2002
    Takoma Park, MD
    Without a doubt one of the greatest road trips ever. It'll be even better when we head out to the HDC in November to bring the Cup back where it belongs. :D
  5. Begbie

    Begbie New Member

    Mar 10, 2001
    La Barra Brava
    Imagine the smell of that bus :p
    We need a C130 and about 250 parachutes.
    I'll call my buddies at Ft. Bragg and Benning.
  6. fatbastard

    fatbastard Member+

    Aug 1, 2003
    Lincoln (ish), Va
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    sweet. The girls on top in red (LAS DIABLITAS) have their tops on backwards :D
  7. Pints

    Pints Member

    Apr 21, 2004
    Charm City much for me getting anything accomplished today.... :cool:

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