Good coaching vs good teammates

Discussion in 'Player' started by january, Apr 17, 2021.

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    Nov 10, 2015
    My 10yr is a good player but I’m certainly not one of those crazy parents that think their kid is a superstar. She has played on advanced teams always and is currently playing 2 years up on an academy. It is a b team, but still higher than the local town team. They have no team her age.
    There is a huge amount of competition in the area. No one came to tryouts(this is an encl club, highly sought after). They took a few u10 and said they are mixing with u9. It’s not playing up. The u9 are not good but the idea is to hold on to everyone to make 2 teams in the future.
    The coach is amazing but the kids are all b town team at best. I think some are on rec. My daughter hates playing with some second graders when she is now with 6th graders. She could play on other area teams but the training will be lower. And then she may never gave ti opportunity to return to this club. But she could play with good girls her age or a year older. I’m it even sure if this mixed team will play at the lowest local county leagues. The director and coach keep telling me her training will be most important and pay off. They say her now playing with these kids won’t hurt her. Thoughts? What is happening is when parents are asking about the team, as soon as I say it’s mixed, they say oh never mind. I don’t think this will ever end up having a full u11 team next year since it’s scaring away all those kids.

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