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    So I live on eastern Long Island and Right now, or at least next week some good sports story Drama is unfolding.

    The local College Southampton College is shutting its doors next year. This makes 2004 the final soccer season.
    As it turns out the class of women there now have gotten better every year culminating in this season.

    They just made their first ever NCAA Tourney in Shcool history. Sadly it is the last season ever as well. Just this week there was one other piece of great news.
    Because of their stellar record the team was awarded top ranking in their region. this means that the team has not played their last home game and get to host the regional championships. So one more game for the ladies. if they do well 2 more on their home turf.

    This whole story has been followed all season by the Southampton Press. The womens soccer team has been front page nearly every week. It is pretty cool to see soccer get so much press in a local paper. Even more so when its at the peak of football season and its about a dying school.
    This is the link to their sports section.
    Its not normally any kind of great or even good paper, but I get it free at work :)

    anyways Just thought I would share

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