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Discussion in 'Coach' started by rustysurf83, Feb 19, 2022.

  1. rustysurf83

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    Dec 30, 2015
    Borussia Dortmund
    Anyone have any good 451 videos? My team is playing some pretty superior opponents so we need to defend. Want to play a 451 with double 6s and outside mids playing similar to a 7/11. Essentially would look like a 4411 in defense and a 4231 in attack with the 7/11 flying forward.
  2. NewDadaCoach

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    Sep 28, 2019
    It seems like a 4/3/3 but with your 7 and 11 playing kinda like wing backs.
    I think it depends on the opponent.
    I would recommend a 4/3/3 if you are playing out of the back a lot.
    But I would do a 3/4/3 for more balance and also more counter attack ability and using width. Hopefully you have a couple fast forwards and your defenders or 6s can make some good long passes on the counter.
  3. Jazlizard

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    Jan 5, 2011
    What age group? If you hadn't had time to practice this, it will be a challenge if you're trying to do this for just an off game. If you're looking for a season long strategy, consider your players - do you have the right talent to pull this off? There are plenty of shapes that can be defensive depending on how you play them. The key to most, if not all, is having the right players.

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