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    I am recruiting players/friends for GoalUnited.org. Primarily because I get 'stuff' if you sign up via my link, but also because I really have found it to be quite fulfilling.

    In an attempt to add credibility to my claim, I can tell you that I played hattrick for years, but eventually found it to be very stale and unrewarding.

    Pros of GoalUnited (imo)
    • Many Competitions (League, Domestic Cup, International Cup plus numerous options for 'friendly' play)
    • Visible player stats and flexible training
    • Youth Program
    • Mostly Free
    • Apparently, mobile play is coming soon (or so I understand from their dev blog)
    Cons of GoalUnited (imo)
    • It is easier to play with a small, regular cash investemet (so you don't have to log in every day)
    • Not much player interaction - but that's another reason why I'm trying to recruit enthusiasts
    • A few of the more exciting features are more accessible to cash players, but in my experience (2+ years) they make very little difference
    Anyway - if you fancy giving it a go, please use my link below to register. I'll be happy to help with any questions you might have on arrival :)


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