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Discussion in 'Referee' started by jacathcart, Sep 30, 2003.

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    Oct 11, 2002
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    Last weekend in a GU-12 premier game, every time I called for a throw-in or a IFK/DFK the ball was mis-spotted by one team by many yards. I was constantly having to move the throw or kick 10 yards while the girls looked at me in frustration.

    Finally as I am making wide and sweeping gestures to communicate my fervent wish that the girl move into a different zip code to make her throw the coach yells "We coach them to put it where the ref is!"

    I look on in dumbfounded shock that a coach in this league is telling his kids that the helpful ref will scurry to the exact spot they are to kick or throw from in order that they not strain their eyes.

    I take a deep breath and sweetly reply, "No coach, I am trying to be so I can see where they are throwing or kicking TO!"

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    Did they follow you on free kicks, too? :)

    That is a great story. I can easily see the dutiful little girls trotting down the field to where the referee is waiting. Priceless.

    At the younger age groups where I expect that the players will not out-throw me (yes, Scott, U6 ;)), I will usually position myself on the field, even with the throw-in spot. Sounds like that's what these kids expected.

    It's a great tactic to steal a few yards from a less vigilant referee. I figure that a good team will always try to snag an advantage anywhere at anytime.
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    I agree with younger age groups, that even with the thrower is usually a good place to be during throw-ins. It cuts down a little on cheating up the line and is usually a good place to trail the play. For U16 boys to adults, I usually want to be some place else and am more worried about other game management issues than where the throw-in is taken.
  4. whipple

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    May 15, 2001
    As Struther Martin would say: "What we have here is a failure to c'munikate".

    A good mechanic here is once you stop play, got to or indicate the position of the restart, verify that they ball is being spotted and then move to where you expect the ball to go. If you feel it is not being spotted correctly, give an instructional whistle (ie. the double chirp) and indicate the correct spot.

    The coach's confusion is understandable since many referees do line up even with the throw-in, and then wait to observe the direction of the throw before moving. If you have a different mecahnic, then you need to make certain the players understand what you expect and how you communicate the position of the restart.

  5. Statesman

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    Sep 16, 2001
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    As an aside, but related:

    Saturday I did a rec game to help my buddy assignor out of a pinch. I did my usual positioning on the field, going to where the play will go when not needed at play that instant. At one point I was running counter to the direction of the ball movement and defending players, anticipating the ball to be played up into the mixer area rather quickly.

    A soccer mom observed this for some time, finally asking, "Why do you keep running away from the play?!?"

    I gave her a quick one-word answer: "Watch."

    Sure enough the ball sailed over and landed about 2 yards away. The lady looks over at me, a bit perplexed, then smiled wryly.

    "That's pretty good -- so, when do we score?" :)
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    Jan 3, 2000
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    If the little girls don't catch on, you could remedy the throw-in situation on the next throw-in.

    When they throw it from the wrong place ignoring where you may be pointing to take the throw, sound your whistle and give the throw to the other team.

    Some may wail about this being just little girls, but are we being unfair to them by ignoring the laws to keep from hurting their little feelings? Do it once, and they will be sure to throw the ball in from the correct spot for the rest of the game - if not for the rest of their games.

    For the free kicks, call back the kick to be taken from the correct spot. The coach should learn that his approach only destroys the momentum and tips the opponents how they plan to take the restart.

    Just my opinion.

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