"Gerrard for United "

Discussion in 'Manchester United' started by andrew neave, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. Mikey10

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    Sep 20, 2003
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    I can see Real making a bid in the summer, and if it comes to choosing between Real and Chelski, I think he'll be off to Spain. Let's hope he stays though. ;)
  2. andrew neave

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    Dec 20, 2003
    Las Vegas USA
    Manchester United FC
    I dont think we can afford not to outbid Chelsea is the point, and I think Gerrard is the best midfield player in the Premier, I think given the chance will star for england in the next world cup. Lets not buy anymore just ordinary class midfield players like Kleberson and Millar, time to buy the final piece of the jigsaw. Of coarse ManUtd have the money were the richest club in the world. spend spend spend i say. Which other midfield player in Europe could play for united that is world class ???
  3. Rei de Boston

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    Mar 16, 2004
    If the oportunity arose to get Gerrard we would be stupid to not do it. However, if it is about breaking the bank to get him and putting the club in a rough financial position then no way. Any club that does not have the benefit of the national government bailing them out when they get in over their head should not do those kinds of deals. Even if you are the "richest club in the world".
  4. manuniked

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    Oct 26, 2004
    New York
    Several thoughts on ths thread....
    Gerrard is the best and most complete midfield player in the world. he is young too and will dominate over the next five years. He has everything United need ( bar a young up and coming winger a la downing).
    If he becomes available, just like with Rooney ( who we had no money for a few months before he signed) we must go for him. So too must Real, chelski, arse and anyone else with aspirations to be a major force over the coming years. I would like to think we have a chance because of the mutual admiration he and Fergie have for each other( see quotes from the summer) and because Utd are proven but also building a new and exciting young squad he can be part of. There are reasons to stay at Liverpool and to join all these other teams too. I think he would give us consideration. Money is not everything and we can offer him a chance to win...
    As to Ronaldo although he is great and they are essentially entirely different players, he is very capable of playing anywhere in midfield, has playeed right back for liverpool and was superb today as an auxiliary striker. He is without doubt a better crosser than Ronaldo who is impressing more and more but needs to do better with his final ball be it a pass or shot. He has plenty of time to develop that , hopefully alongside Roon and his mate, stevie G.
    I'm a little concerned Gerrard is injury prone but in that position most of the greats tend to be and often cool toward their 30's.
    Buy gerrard and downing and we're complete for the next 6 years or so apart from some token freshening up and young talent. The plc can cash in on the success thereafter...
  5. johno

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    Jul 15, 2003
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    I think Gravesen is just as good as Stevie in doing what we would need from a CM.. perhaps even better as he performs well under pressure and wont thread wonderful through passes to opposing strikers...

    jokes aside... Gerrard is good, a bit overrated as he is English... tbh though, if i could have one scouser it would be xabi alonso, his passing is ludicrous.
  6. lex fg

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    Jul 2, 2004
    Nairobi / Manchester
    Gerrard is a superb midfielder, the best ENGLISH INTERNATIONAL midfield player. He is, and will be for long, better than Cristiano Ronaldo. Graveson is not as good as Gerrard. Gerrard has superb crosses, the low curling balls he hits in contribute to much of Liverpool's attacking play. Defensively, none can compare. Outside of Xavi and maybe (just maybe) Vieira, Gerrard is the best defencive midfielder in the world. But if you were to compare the transfer fees each could raise, Ronaldo would take the cake as he's only 19 and already one of the best wingers around. Ronaldo WILL BE better than Gerrard. But at the moment, Gerrard is one of the world's greatest.

    He's the only truly quality player left in the whole of Merseyside, and hopefully he'll follow the previous one into Manchester. But I understand why these scouse lot are quick to praise him: with the sh!t they have as reserve for him, it will be a disaster when he leaves (it *WILL* be a disaster *WHEN* he leaves). He needs silverware and it won't happen at that panty club that was once great. United/Chelsea/Real Madrid will have him, latest by the start of next season.

    Oh, and Rahbiefowlah, FVCK you too, you little smelly piece of scouse sh!t.

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