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    They hoped to have a season free of all relegation trouble. Reality: after a disgraceful performance against Bochum, the often quoted tree is burning in Nürnberg. President Michael A. Roth is participating in the kindling by criticising coach Klaus Augenthaler for the lineup in the public. Augenthaler: “He’s got the right to do that”. True. But why doesn’t talk Roth with Augenthaler about it? That’s surely not caring for quiet in the next days.

    Klaus Augenthaler tries to stay calm. No extra training units, no shouting – the 44 year old is relying on game situations like 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 to improve the weak defence and fighting behaviour. He won’t listen to the critics and stick to his 4-4-2 system. “That was not the reason”, he stresses.

    He is supported by the players. “Not the system, but we players are to blame. We had clear instructions, but didn’t stick to them”, said team captain Dieter Frey. Clearly: who doesn’t win the duels will almost always lose the games – there also a sweeper wouldn’t help. This doesn’t mean that Klaus Augenthaler doesn’t change. The best solution would be to move Anthony Sanneh to the central defence to close existing gaps instead of Dusan Petkovic.


    Sanneh to the center will be the only change. Cherundolo starts, Casey is still injured and Hejduk would be happy to be on the bench.


    Might get a new rival for his position. Among numerous midfielders also central defender Master Echendu (23, Saarbrücken) is linked with St Pauli.


    Gibbs can’t play because of his injury. Jacob Thomas is an alternative for the starting lineup – as one player of the successful team of the last weekend is injured, there are two possible replacements for the left wing with Thomas being one of them. Last week he was not on the roster because of a flu.


    has a break as the game in Dresden already is postponed – the stadium rather looks like a giant swimming pool after the rain catastrophe of the last days.
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    as always, thanks for the updates.
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    Me too.

    And I hope this gets better VERY soon. What an appalling mess.

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