Garber welcomes a second-site alternative at the Meadowlands

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by MetroFever, Nov 16, 2004.

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    Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber on Sunday said the MetroStars proposed stadium project in Harrison is still a possibility, but he welcomes a second-site alternative at the Meadowlands.

    "(The situation's) not bad at all (in Harrison). We've got another option, the option being the Meadowlands," Garber said in a televised interview at halftime of the MLS Cup final in Carson, Calif. "The new governor, governor (Richard) Codey, has reached out to ask us to reconsider Harrison and perhaps play in the Meadowlands. It's better to have another option but we're still very committed to Harrison."

    The only thing that would be an improvement is no football lines, otherwise they'd be better off staying at Giants Stadium, unless they were to sign a reasonable revenue-sharing deal concerning concession stands and parking.
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    I agree that no football lines and probably real grass would be improvements. As the primary tenant of the new soccer-specific stadium, I see no reason the Metros wouldn't be able to get revenue sharing from ads, consessions and parking that they are denied now as the third level tenenat of the football stadium. I'm sceptical about the parking fees. The negatives (Metros pov) are the construction cost and probably lack of control/income from concerts and other alternate uses.
    As much as we'd like to think that the new stadia are about us, the fans, it's not. It's about making money. Harrison is my prefered option simply because AEG will own/operate it and make them almost instantly profitable. If Harrison doesn't work out, and they can come up with a deal for a SSS in the swamp that stops the Metros from bleeding money from the league, then I could live with it.

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