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    Aug 4, 1999
    What is this, some sort of funeral? Give me a break. This silent thread is redunkulous, fudunkaverous, and downright subflubulus!

    The USWNT is garbage. How do you lose on your home turf? Problem with this team was too many old players. Part of the reason for this was to keep the 1999 fans pleased. Hamm, McMillan, Fawcett, Scurry, Lilly, even Foudy. They didn't really deserve to be there.

    I'll tell you what. The only reason the US has ever won a World Cup is because of Michelle Akers. She is the best woman to ever wear a soccer uniform. Without her the team falls apart. Hamm has always gotten all the credit, but Hamm and the rest of the team has never been able to get it down without Akers.

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