Frank Yallop to be inducted in Canada Soccer Hall of Fame

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    Congrats to Frank!



    Current national team coach Frank Yallop is one of eleven new members who will be inducted into The Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame in Vaughan, Ontario on April 30, 2005, it was announced today. Yallop, who is being inducted as a player, joins former national team coaches Don Petrie, Bobby Lenarduzzi and Tony Waiters in the Hall.

    Also being inducted next April are former national team players Colin Miller, Wes McLeod, Terry Moore, Garry Ayre, Norman McLeod and Michelle Ring, Making up the eight players being inducted is former England international Sam Chedgzoy, who played and coached in Montreal from 1930 to 1940 and continued to live in Montreal after he retired.

    The three builders being inducted are Steve Stavro, who was president of the Toronto City Soccer Club in the old Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League, former FIFA referee Sonia Denoncourt, and Georges Schwartz, a former member of the FIFA Amateur Committee, who has been prominent in Quebec soccer for many years.

    In addition the Hall of Fame has chosen its third Team of Distinction, this time the Westminster Royals of 1928, who were national champions in that year.

    Yallop, who became Canada's national team coach earlier this year, played 52 times for Canada's full national team and 316 games for Ipswich Town over 14 seasons in England. When his career in England was over he joined Tampa Bay Mutiny of Major League Soccer in the United States and played there from 1996 to 1998, before turning to coaching.
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    Please don't take this the wrong way (I very much appreciate Frank and all he did for the Quakes) BUT:

    Isn't being inducted into the Canada Soccer HOF a lot like being inducted into the Brazilian hockey HOF? :D

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