France v Portugal - 9 October 2020

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    Sep 30, 2019

    We have another meeting scheduled in the nations league for 9 October 2020.
    Any predictions on what Frances team will
    Be ?

    this will be a match between the world
    Champions and the European and nations league champions.


    I would like to see this lineup from Portugal .

  2. pindal

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    I'd like to see this lineup from France:


    Tousart really deserves a spot now, he has been very important for Lyon so far.
    Laporte doesn't have Deschamps' favors, but he would make a great pair with Varane.
    Also Rabiot is doing very well in this period, he scored a great goal against AC Milan recently; he is not in my lineup, but he should definitely be called up.
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  3. Matt990

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    Jul 26, 2020
    I’d give Theo Hernandez a chance he’s been the best full back in Serie a this season. Isn’t tousart going to hertha Berlin a bit of a strange move? I’d doubt rabiot will be recalled when deschamps is still the manager.

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