former crew coach Tom Fitzgerald dies

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    May he rest in peace.
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    He was a good coach. He turned the Crew around in 1996 after their dismal start with Timo Liekoski. For the next couple of years they challenged DC United for the top seed in the East.
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    Rest in peace.
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    He will be missed.
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    I live in Tampa. Born and raised here.

    I knew Tom since about 1978. He owned a soccer shop in the old Tampa Bay Center. I would go there and buy my soccer stuff when I was a kid.

    Over the years, I got to know Tom, and saw him often when he coach the University of Tampa, and would see him time to time.

    What always struck me about him was how he treated me. He always acted as though I was someone important. He treated me as a friend. In truth, he was the important person. I feel as though I have lost a friend.

    He was nothing but class! A tremendous human being. His death is such an great loss. Everyone in Tampa knew of Tom, and it has been widely covered here. His loss is not only a loss here in Tampa, but in Columbus and Los Angeles as well. He will be missed by so many people. My neighbor plays for him at the Univesity of Tampa, and I have been told that his death is being taken quite hard by that community of students.

    When the accident happen, Tom was able to call his wife. It was after he was transported to the hospital that he lost consciousness.

    Saturday was a sad day for soccer.

    My prayers go to both him and his family!

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