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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by yellowbismark, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Well expansion talk has really heated up in the last several weeks with as many as 3 legitimate candidates, 2 of who could start as soon as next season. And some are even talking 14 by 2007.

    I am thinking if MLS has a goal of 14 clubs by 2007, the player pool is going to be stretched thinner than it already is. Does anyone think maybe something is in the works to eliminate foreign player limits, or drastically reduce foreign restrictions (more so than it is now)?

    Of course, there's the Chivas angle. And we all know they'd love to load their roster full of Mexicans. Even if not a single American player plays for Chivas, the league is still adding another team because of Chivas' entry, so it's not like they are taking away spots from Americans. Chivas expansion is bringing another whole team into the league.

    The positives of letting Chivas have all the foreigners they want would be an additional MLS team without the strain on the exisitng American player pool. I think that would be a good thing. I want expansion as much as anybody, but going from 10-12-14 is going to ensure a mediocre quality of play for a good long time.

    Another thing, (and it's sort of a double standard I've noticed about people reactions to Chivas), is that with Rochester entering the picture, the people on this board who think their organization and team is so great, encourage the idea that they should keep their roster (or at least most of their players, with an upgrade here or there) and enter them as is into MLS. Yet no one complains that if we let in Rochester with their own team, it is almost the same thing as bending the rules for Chivas, who want to bring in their own team without doing the MLS acquistion protocols.

    I know MLS has a mantra about developing the American player, and I agree with that. But I also believe the American player is good enough to compete for MLS jobs on their own merit now. We have come a long way from the NASL, and there are plenty of servicable American players today. Americans are playing in some of best leagues now, they make the stars of MLS, the national team is good now, there is no reason that we have to protect the American player like before. There are plenty of great ones coming up the pipeline, and they all have their eyes on the prize, let there be unrestricted competition for jobs. In the end, it will help MLS and American players even more.

    I want to see MLS expand and still maintain the quality/progress we are seeing. If MLS can get to 14, and only needs to fill 2-2.5 rosters (assuming Chivas and Rochester bring their own) worth of additional players, I would be ecstatic.

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