Footy film at the Kennedy Center 10/30-31

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    In Orange (or In Oranje, as it's Dutch) will be at the Kennedy Center/AFI this weekend (2 pm Oct 30, 4:30 pm Oct 31)

    SUMMARY:Talented 12-year-old soccer fanatic Yannick van de Velde has just one dream: to play for the Dutch national team. But there's a bigger soccer nut in the family, dad Thomas Acda, whose know-it-all coaching leads to intra-family trouble, patched up by mom Wendy van Dijk. But when dad dies, Yannick tries everything-including Winti- Surinamian voodoo-to keep up his game. Well-staged soccer action enlivens this funny and touching box-office smash, so big that multiple remakes are pending.

    Tickets for AFI National Film Theater at the Kennedy Center screenings will be available at the AFI Kennedy Center box office in the Kennedy Center's Hall of States, open one-half hour before screenings. The box office is not open on days when no screening is scheduled. For program information, call 202.785.4600.


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