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Discussion in 'Manager Games' started by raydenvm, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. raydenvm

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Now it's time to think about Football Manager 2014 and its future exciting features we'd like to get:

    - Option to disable regens
    - Easy selection of clear cut chances for uploading
    - Penalties and red cards by goalkeepers
    - Enhanced youth academy
    - Integration with Facebook
    - Spending manager's salary
    - More feedback from players
    - Changing readically existing conferences
    - Better 3D pitch. Match engine fixes of poor long shots withoug goals, sliding goalies, strange ball heading, etc.

    You can also read and participate in an interesting discussion regarding future FM14 features at this page: FM 2014 features
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  2. RIP SJ Clash

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    Mar 11, 2013
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    I like all these suggestions, not sure I would use Facebook integration personally though. Also, I don't really care about the better 3D pitch. Sure, it's not FIFA 13 or PES 13, but that's not why I play FM. Any visual representation is just a bonus for me.
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  3. Van Gaal

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    Jun 19, 2013
    FC Bayern München
    I just wonder how football manager works. I would like for me and another player to take same team, buy exact same players, do everything the same tactics, training and everything than play a whole season. At the end check with other guy what scores he got and what was his finishing position. If we have about same scores and finish about 2 places up or down, than we would know the game is not just simulating for sake of it but it takes into consideration all changes you make. I am saying this because one time i took league 2 team and played a cup match against BPL team and won 5-2, than i lost 5 league games in the row. I know this happens i real life too but how does game decide who I can beat and than who i cant beat its bit stupid that i beat team better than me than loose against teams that are the same as my team. Sometimes I think game just simulates games as it feels like, thats why I dont know if I will play this game anymore.
  4. LGRod

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    Aug 14, 2010
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    Nat'l Team:
    I just want Japan/Germany as playable teams in that game and i'll be happy.
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  5. MKxMUFC

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    Oct 10, 2013
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    Love these games and I am really looking forward to FM14. I suggest reading some of threads over at the SI forum. There is one about youth development that is fantastic.
  6. Zkbvjxq

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    Mar 20, 2015
    Although this is the handheld version I found it best to post this here, given that I couldn't find another forum to post this in. Plus, I need to blow off a bit of steam...

    I started the first season with Wycombe in League 2, and I lead the team to promotion in their first year. The second year was successful too, but midway through the year I got offered the job at Hull City (in the Championship), and quickly took it. I think the manager left to join another team (not sure where), because Hull were 7th at the time. I led them to first place in that season, and got promoted to the Premier League. However, next season was a complete disaster, and despite a good start the team could not stop losing games. I jumped ship in an "alternate file" (that is, saving another file to see what happens) and about a week later Michael Laudrup of Liverpool got sacked, and my name was listed as the odds-on favourite to replace him. I failed to check, however, that Liverpool was in 15th at the time of the hiring, and the team, although more cohesive, just simply cannot score more than one goal in a game, and can't score at all against decent teams...

    Case in point in the matches since I took over:
    1-1 Aston Villa
    1-0 West Ham
    1-1 Newcastle
    0-2 Man United (with David Moyes!!!)
    0-0 Bolton (because their GK had a 10 point game)
    1-0 Leicester (FA Cup)
    0-3 Chelsea
    2-0 Hull (!!)
    6-1 Portsmouth (FA Cup)
    2-0 Tottenham
    0-4 Man City

    The mood of the team sums it all up: "Thinks the club lacks in ambition..." Never heard anything more true
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