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    Jan 2, 2019
    I thought this might be a fun little thread to read for fans of either: A. The MLS circa 2006-2009 or B. Fans of the older Football Manager games.

    I used to be really huge into these games but life gets in the way as you get a little older. I'm under the assumption that we've all got a little more down time these days *cough* so I thought I might share with you what I have been doing with some of that time.

    I bust out the old FM2007 and cranked up a new save with the USMNT hell bent on success at the highest level!

    The game starts in January 2006 but for some reason the 2006 World Cup campaign isn't loaded into the game (presumably as the European leagues begin in July 2006 and thus the World Cup was already over), which is perhaps just as well considering the USA's ill fated campaign in that tournament.

    Anyway, first port of call is to cap all (or as many as possible) uncapped dual-nationals with potential so Mexico and others don't snatch them. I arranged a cheap friendly with Guam as some of these players were teenagers and I didn't want to get a beating in my first game.

    How many are recognisable to you?


    If you find this even remotely interesting, I'll post more.

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