FIVE potential Tulsa sites for USL1 or MLS

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    1. Jenks River District Devlopment group gets approval for TIF development.

    2. Tulsa Landing on the west bank of the river

    3. East Village/East End downtown Tulsa development

    ---for those who don't know, these Global Development people were the same folks who bought DC United in summer 2005, and were proposing an MLS stadium for Tulsa in late 2005... then backed out of the DC United deal, and the soccer stadium for Tulsa became this...

    4. A newly renovated Chapman Stadium (Skelly Stadium)
    ---new press box with 20 luxury suites
    ---reduction of capacity to 26,000 fixed seats
    ---removal of the blue/gold school colors in the stadium, replaced by Tennessee ledgestone and beige
    ---the field will be replaced, no public reports confirming field turf or grass yet

    5. NEO-Broken Arrow Stadium

    This option has zero news stories yet but when you hear more than one rumor, well...
    evidently, the folks in Tahlequah would have no problems playing some home games in Broken Arrow every year if the stadium were built... seems far-fetched, but evidently there's been talk... and BA wants to compete with Jenks and Tulsa...

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