First Impressions - some new CDs to my collection

Discussion in 'Books' started by Ellison, Sep 17, 2003.

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    Jan 11, 2000
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    After a few listens, first impressions only, could obviously change after really absorbing each disc ...

    this is nice, get's you moving only negative is vocals in chorus are often identical. Track 6 is nasty and started the morning off right. Get it at Best Buy for only 7.99, probably my favorite CD right now.

    The Darkness
    Comes across as a parody, a joke, if that's the case I'll listen to Chris Rock for comedy. I'll listen to it again and again because everyone's pimpin' it and I want to like it ... and also because I spent my hard earned money on this. However, it looks like the hype machine strikes again. My friend and I were just laughing the whole time, couldn't take it serious (again re-read first sentence).

    Handsome Boy Modeling School
    A great CD, Dan the Automator never let's you down. Beats are nice, Prince Paul is nice, Del is nice on his track (as always of course). Negatives would be that it doesn't get down to business enough, sometimes when I listen I'm waiting for it to take off but it stays idol. Alot of quirky samples that songs hinge off of, good but may be too many here. Overall a good CD but you feel it could have been better with the artists involved.

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