first ever supporters group banned in USA?

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    On January 3, 2018, New York Red Bull’s Vice President of Operations informed Garden State Ultras (GSU) that our supporters’ group recognition has been revoked. The Red Bull letter outlined a series of complaints against us, including nonspecific violations of the MLS Soccer Fan Code of Conduct and Red Bull Arena policies, willingness to engage in physical confrontations, our leadership’s supposed failure to properly manage our group, refusal to attend a meeting with the Harrison Police Department concerning our corteos and use of flares outside of the stadium, and a “lack of concern for possible harm to other fans/property” and a “lack of respect for New York Red Bulls staff and Stadium Employees.” The letter outlines that, though GSU members may still attend matches, they will not be allowed to use flags or banners, organize support from our capo stand, buy away support tickets, or take advantage of several other “privileges.” As we understand it, this makes us the first banned ultras group in North America.

    In terms of code of conduct violations, our section is raucous and some of our chants or gestures could be misunderstood as “obscene” or occasionally “abusive,” but we are a diverse organization whose support does not “cross the line.” We, along with billions of other soccer fans are impassioned in both our love for our team and dislike of our opponents, and we disagree with attempts to mold a passive fan base that sits quietly, eating and drinking its overpriced concessions. We want the stadium louder and crazier, like when 20,000 New York fans repeatedly booed Michael Bradley and the ever-whining Jozy Altidore for their abysmal failure in World Cup qualification and their dishonorable behavior both on and off the field. While there have been a handful of physical confrontations over the last several years, as any fan knows that has traveled to Yankee Stadium or who attended early matches against the DC scum, trouble can find you when passions are high.

    We strongly disagree with the characterization that we disregard the safety of our fellow supporters, that we are disrespectful towards RBA staff, or that it was not our right to refuse to meet with an outside organization. We don’t see “fans/property” as equivalent—people are not chairs—and we do not engage in behavior that engages the lives or safety of our fellow supporters or the supporters of other teams. In terms of the RBA staff, GSU members have cordial relationships with most staff members. Finally, after a derby this summer, we refused to attend a meeting with the Harrison Police Department about flares and corteos. We believe this was well within our rights to do. We understand the regulations concerning flares and smoke bombs in Harrison, and we look forward to Red Bull using the footage in more of their promo videos. When it comes to pyro, we agree with Jesse Marsch, who told us after the 2016 Rochester Open Cup match: “Love it!”

    These measures are meant to put an end to our group and serve as a warning to other supporters groups across the league that don’t tow the line. We support this team with all of our hearts, and these measures aren’t going to stop us. That’s why we call ourselves ultras: we do not stop. We support our team for the full 90 minutes. We go shirtless when its 20 degrees outside. We show up at work on Monday bleary eyed and hoarse, ready to do it all over again. We support whether we’re winning or losing. The FO’s actions won’t stop the beating heart of this group. We will be supporting and giving our all for the eleven on the pitch. Our support will still be found on the streets and in the stands. We will never be silenced. Ultras today, ultras tomorrow, ultras forever.

    Garden States Ultras
    January 3, 2018
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    ^When you put "Ultras" in your name, you are first and foremost sending a message. Secondly, there are not physical confrontations on a regular basis around the league, but they are happening in your section between your own supporters.

    I don't think you are being hard done by. This isn't the English terraces of 40 years ago and there is a way to have passionate aggressive support with salty language and be a part of the stadium and not considering your fellow human beings from another city to be scum. From my understanding you treat other RB supporters groups about as well as visiting supporters.

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