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    I thought I would get the ball rolling here in the supporter’s forum. So this is what we are. We are a bunch of soccer fans that started out going to bars watching games and trying to form an official American Outlaws Chapter here in Tucson. About a few months after we became an official AO chapter in July 2010, we started hearing about Tucson getting a local team. They were FC Tucson. They were not MLS, they were not PDL, NSAL, they were a semi-pro team. Essentially our team was a bunch of students playing soccer for the summer.

    Well Paul, Keaton, and I started thinking; we should have a supporters group for the local team. It was Paul that came up with the name, The Cactus Pricks. It was a funny ha ha moment with double entendre. None the less, the name stuck and here we are.

    The first big event for the group was the 2011 Desert Cup. The idea for the Cactus Pricks had not been solidified yet, so we were essentially a bunch of American Outlaws tailgating. At that tournament we had the New York Red Bulls vs Sporting KC. There were also appearances of our FC Tucson playing both reserve teams of the MLS teams as well as a makeshift Phoenix team.

    It was after the 2011 Desert Cup that we really started to become Pricks. During the "regular season" of FC TUCSON, we began tailgaiting before games and carrying over some of the chants we would do as AO Tucson. We evolved into wearing our black shirts, banging on drums and chanting. We were bringing the soccer culture here to the Old Pueblo like never before. We definitely made our presence known and the casual fans began to join in.

    In late 2011 it was announced that there would be another Desert Cup. This one would be the 2012 Desert Diamond Cup. The Cactus Pricks know that the future of soccer in this community hinged on the success of the tournament and stepped things up even further. Over a few drinks at a party, officers were elected and plans were set into motion which let to the incorporation of The Cactus Pricks. This led to custom logos, membership cards and the first Cactus Pricks 2012 Desert Diamond Cup custom scarf. Not to mention our official motto suggested by Vince. "A Thorn in your side".

    The 2012 DDC was a huge success for both FC Tucson, the community, and the Cactus Pricks. The 2012 DDC had four teams, LA Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, New York Red Bulls, and the New England Revolution. It brought in people from all over the US as well as Mexico. It featured David Beckham and Thierry Henry. The Cactus Pricks put on tailgates before each days games. The Pricks scarves were prominently featured by FC Tucson ownership as well as MLS players including Kyle Beckerman. In fact Mrs. Beckham even tweeted a picture of a Cactus Pricks scarf. The final day tailgate was an all out party with board member Vince on the turntables showing off his DJ skills. We were joined by several out-of-towners, who were made Pricks on the spot. A good time had by all.

    As the Cactus Pricks move forward, we are looking forward to our team, FC Tucson becoming a part of the United Soccer Leagues Professional Development League. We have some great competition and the potential to take our love for our local team to places near and far. We also have the opportunity to grow our membership even further.

    Let's make this sub-forum one of the places were we can stay in contact and discuss topics that help us further our support of FC Tucson and our now beloved group of friends.
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    Needed a Cactus Pricks logo.
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