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Discussion in 'Referee' started by GlennAA11, May 21, 2008.

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    I was just perusing the FIFA website and happened to look at their LotG .pdf. It is quite an interesting document. There is the first section with all of the usual Laws and IFAB decisions that we are used to seeing. But then it is followed by many pages of documents that clarify the laws, have lots and lots of diagrams with what they believe to be proper positioning, AR signals, referee team teamwork, and much, much more. I haven't had time to read the whole thing yet. But it is certainly a great supplement to the small version of the Law book that everyone gets at recert every year. And it is freely available.
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    Right, Jim Allen told us the we SHOULD be reading and applying the FIFA additional instructions, in addition to the USSF version and additional instructions. USSF is subset of FIFA LOTG and Additional.

    Someone please correct me of I'm wrong, but I think the order we should be reading and applying is:
    1. USSF LOTG
    2. USSF Additional Instructions to Referees 2008 (if you can find it or buy it)
    3. FIFA LOTG + Additional Instructions & Guidelines for Referees (page 59 onward)
    4. USSF General Topics
    5. USSF Postion Papers
    6. Jim Allen's USSF Sanctioned Ask A Soccer Referee

    Whew! Did I miss any?
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    Feb 19, 2007
    ATR, include with #2. This raises and interesting issue - how USSF believes it trumps FIFA and that what it says takes precedence over the rest of the world. Another U.S. vs. World battle.
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    Well, we certianly cannot forget the joys of Federation rules. This week I did a tourney with modified rules, a private HS playoff with modified FIFA, a U18 boys USSF, and several HS playoffs with Federation.

    The people in charge of the game need to begin supporting the refs, not securing their own little part of the game. Perhaps they could start by outlawing yellow kits for teams so I do not need 8 jerseys. Or is someone in bed with someone else?
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    Oct 13, 2006
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  7. nonya

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    ...and its all about appearances.

    You can have, and I have seen it, a great referee do a stellar job in any game without using the "official" signals, procedures, positioning, etc.

    This game is so fluid and dynamic and more and more referees are being put into boxes. You must stand here on a corner kick, your AR needs to be standing exactly at this spot for a PK, etc, etc. I can't even focus on a game when I am being assessed because I am trying to remember all the different situations and where I am supposed to stand. Is my arm at too high or low an angle when I signal for a corner kick, was my whistle too loud on the last foul, was my arm exactly straight up like a robot at 90 degrees when I issued that card?

    Blah...20 years ago, this game was more fun to officiate and be a part of. We had less trifiling (remember that concept that seemed to die out) and we had fun, now I feel less like a referee and more like a damn programmed robot.
  8. Wreave

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    I'd suggest:

    1. FIFA LOTG + Additional Instructions.
    2. Advice to Referees.
    3. USSF Position Papers.
    4. USSF General Topics.
    5. Ask a Referee.

    I don't understand why you'd have LOTG on here twice, first the USSF-printed version, then the FIFA version with the explanatory notes. The USSF version doesn't offer any USSF interpretation, and it doesn't have the explanatory notes printed.
  9. Gary V

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    I agree with that order, with a caveat. Position papers and other memos can come out at any time. They may contradict what was written in Advice to Referees, because they are reflecting later information that came from FIFA. In that case, the position paper has the priority over Advice to Referees.

    Jim Allen's Ask A Referee site will offer updated opinions, but very seldom will any change in policy be initiated there. If it is, Jim will generally quote a "soon to be published paper".

    And one other caveat - sometimes the wording in the Laws of the Game does not reflect actual practice. Part of that is due to the "everyone knows" syndrome - everyone who grew up watching soccer at grandpa's knee might know it, but those new to the culture of the game, such as most in the US, don't know it. That was the original purpose of Advice to Referees - to document parts of the Laws that disappeared from text in the 1997 Great Condensation, but which still applied.

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