FIFA 2002 (PC) question and WE7 question/comment

Discussion in 'Games' started by king_saladin, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. king_saladin

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    Oct 5, 2004
    MI, USA
    On the hardest difficulty ("world class"), I find the gameplay to be decent, except for the fact that the computer scores very easily.
    I'll play as one of the best clubs, and get beat by one of the worst.

    But, when on the second hardest difficulty ("pro"), it is far too easy. I can play as that worst club and beat the best.

    What do you all do to compensate, in this game?

    Or, do none of you play it anymore?

    This is the only game I have, besides FIFA World Cup 2002 (PC) and FIFA 95 (Sega)

    Maybe I should buy Winning Eleven 7, or 8 when it comes out?

    I'd like it if any of you would check out the "Better than FIFA, but" review on this page, and make any comments that you have about it.
    WE7 Amazon PC reviews
  2. SpencerNY

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    Dec 1, 2001
    Up in the skyway
    I read "Better than Fifa but" and I agree with the reviewer. I bought WE6I-USA and wasn't able to ever play FIFA again. It was addictive, awesome and convincing as a representation of real soccer. But then I bought WE7I-USA, and it's taken me awhile to admit that, though better than what FIFA ever offered me, this is a highly flawed game.

    First of all, the star levels are insane. At one and two star level the AI of course is pretty idiotic and you'll be promoted easily in the master league, but once you get to 3 stars the game gets a ton harder but not for the better. It resorts to cheating, ugly anti-football in order make it appear that your playing at a higher level. Shirt-tugging, constant hard fouls to your players will go uncarded(especially when you're in your opponents box), while you'll get the carded for the same fouls. Your high-dollar strikers will drill the ball into the stands when they're a few feet from goal with no pressure from a defender, or your high-dollar defender won't be able to perform a simple slide tackle with an opponent going in on goal. Sometimes you'll perform a beautiful tactic to get what should be a breakaway goal, only to have your fastest attacker caught and dispossed(waaaaay to cleanly) by a slow poke, and you can bet that sometimes your highly rated speedy defender will be outran by a slower attacking opponent resulting of course into a game-winning goal.

    I also have several issues with controlling your players. On your opponents corners I've found that the defender I'm supposed to have control over will sometimes only stand and stare like an idiot as the opponent heads the ball into the net. Sometimes you'll get knocked off the ball when dribbling and your player will fall on his butt, unable to get up for a couple seconds while the ball stealer races down the field, but when you knock an opponent on his butt and steal the ball you can bet the computer will have him on his feet in no time and stealing the ball right back.

    There are about a zillion of these annoyances which I think take away from this game and don't warrant it being called a brilliant representation of real soccer. I'm positive that I'll catch flack from WE fans who'll claim that I need better tactics and practice, but it still doesn't change the fact that issues such as cheating and controls are enough to make you want to put your bare hands around a kitten's neck and squeeze. That said, I'm hoping WE8 will do what WE6 did for me.
  3. Various Styles

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    Mar 1, 2000
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    This is part of the games charm imo.. a world class players wont perform at 100% all of the time and i have gone through these dry patches with my top players. I am currently playing the Master League with Milan and my top three signings have been underperforming. Nesta has beern making too many mistakes while Adriano isd having a difficult time scoring a goal. I also have Pires who despite giving many assists has not been very consistant. i think it would be boring if i won all the time because my top players were flawless..

    Just look at the situation on a positive note and instead of depending on your top dollar striker try out one of your other strikers, you will be surprised how they can perform. I have Chevanton and he steps it up anytime one of my starting players is playing like Crap. And yes i agree with the occasional cheating sequences of the game, it can be frustrating but it hasnt been to a point where i cant win a game or cup. One thing i have noticed at Five Star Difficulty is that the better players your purchase the harder the game gets. As soon as i strenghtened my squad with world Class players i started having a more difficult time against my opponents which i like because i would get bored if i was winning each game by wide margins..

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