Featured: Our Football, Our Future: Part I

Discussion in 'Crocketteers' started by CagedMonky, Aug 11, 2009.

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    By Andres Roberto
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    Great Article Andres. MLS could be a great option for San Antonio as could USL. As a fan of both I would love to see an investor take us to the MLS level. However, MLS will most likely stop at 20 teams for several years. With Montreal and most likely St. Louis as potential franchises for 19 and 20 I don't see San Antonio being on the short list for expansion any time soon. Even with a sound investor backing a bid. That does not leave out the possibility of a team moving to San Antonio. You talked about the DC United situation and one might even include Chivas USA in that mix.

    A USL franchise in the meantime may be the only option. I do hope though that the investor/operator, may that be the Spurs or someone else, puts the necessary effort to grow the franchise and make it a top notch team. I would hope the focus would be franchise development. If our city supports the building of a stadium for the team I don't want the investor dropping the team after a few years and using the stadium exclusively as a concert venue. Don't get me wrong I support a multi use facility because concerts bring in tons of money but I fear the focus is a stadium for concert venues and the hell with the development of the team.

    I want a pro soccer team in San Antonio that wants to win a title. And an investor willing to make that happen.

    Jerry Jones are you listening?:p
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    Just one clarification, New England Revolution is owned by the NFL Patriots and Gilette Stadium owner/operator Robert Kraft. The Revs are playing for free at the Razor. Much like the Seattle Sounders, just with less fans. So the Revs situation is really nothing like DC United.

    Besides that, spot on. ;)

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