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    This is an identical post as the one on cansoc.org, but I was hoping that someone would be interested on here as well. No I don't work for the club, as I have been accused on here before. I am however, a member of the ESG. Our website is www.edmontonsoccerfans.com

    $5 from every ticket sold goes to youth programs sponsored by the United Way.

    More importantly though, is that tickets are up for sale to be donated to underprivileged youth and marginalized families. Tickets are $23, and I was hoping maybe some of you guys would call in and buy a ticket or two to help with this. It would mean a great deal to many people, and it would also help FC Edmonton have more then 2,888 people in Commonwealth Stadium.

    Phone for United Way office doing the tickets: 780-443-8395.
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