Fantasy Premier League 2004/05

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    How do I play the game?
    Please see the rules for more information. If you're new to fantasy football then you'll probably want to read our introduction first.

    How can I change my personal details such as password?
    You can do this on the user profile page.

    How can I change my team details and newsletter options?
    You can do this on the team details page.

    How many teams may I enter?
    Each player can only enter one team. If we discover a manager with more than one team then we will delete them.

    I have forgotten my username and/or password, how do I retrieve it ?
    You can do this on the password lookup page.

    When is the game updated?
    Team points are updated as the matches take place and the league tables are updated soon after the final whistle in the last game of the day. Automatic substitutions are processed at the end of the Gameweek. Please check the home page for a list of fixtures in the current Gameweek.

    Is there a complete list of players and prices I can print out?
    You can find this here.

    How can I delete my team?
    We don't allow this for security reasons. However, you can unsubscribe from all emails and your team will be removed at the end of the season. If you want to change your team then you must use transfers, just like a real manager.

    How can I view other teams?
    Teams can only be viewed after their first Gameweek has started to allow managers to keep their tactics secret. To view a team simply click on their name in a league table.

    A booking or goal scorer in an earlier game has been changed. Are you going to alter the points?
    No, the decision at the final whistle is treated as final.

    How are assists and bonus points awarded?
    These decisions are made by one of the Press Association's football analysts who attend each match. You can find an assist definition in the rules. We will not enter into any correspondence regarding these decisions.

    What happens if a match is postponed?
    The players will score 0 points in the Gameweek will play twice in a future Gameweek when the match is re-scheduled. Points are only awarded to teams who have players selected in the Gameweek when the game is actually played.

    How do you calculate form?
    Form is the player's average score per game, calculated from all games played by his club in the last 21 days.

    What happens if my captain doesn't play?
    If your captain does not play then the bonus will be lost. Another player will not take over the captaincy in his place.

    Why didn't my captain score double points?
    You're probably looking in the wrong place. To check your points in the current Gameweek use the latest points page.

    Do substitutes score points?
    Only starting or automatically substituted players will earn points for your team. These automatic substitutions provide cover for unforeseen events like last minute injuries, players being dropped and match postponements. Having a strong substitutes bench also allows you to select a starting 11 each Gameweek based on form and fixtures without suffering transfer points penalties.

    Can I manage my team using a WAP enabled mobile phone or PDA?
    Yes at - just add this WAP address to your phone or PDA bookmarks.

    I'm having problems selecting a team on a Mac?
    There are known problems with the game and IE 5.0 Mac version. To play the game you'll need to upgrade IE or use a different browser such as Firefox, Opera or Safari.

    What are the prizes?
    You can read all about them on the introduction page.

    How do I change my formation?
    Just follow the instructions at the bottom of the my team page.

    One of my players can't be substituted?
    Make sure that player isn't your captain. You can't substitute your captain.

    Can I make changes during a Gameweek?
    Any changes (transfers, captain choice, team selection, substitution strategy) you make after the deadline will not take effect until the following deadline. You can find a list of deadlines in the rules.

    Why is my team value changing?
    Player values change during the season. You can use the 'Data View' on the my team or transfers pages to check on the price changes of your players.

    How do player values change?
    After the season starts player values may change by 0.1 a day based on activity in the transfer market. Both the formula used to calculate this change and the time of the change include variable factors are kept secret from game players.

    How do I make more money for my team?
    The only way to make more money is to buy players who you think will go up in value and then sell them at a profit. You can read more about this in the transfers section of the rules.

    My player has left the Premier League, what do I do?
    You can leave them in your team and they will continue to score 0 points. To change them you must use a transfer.

    Why is my total less than the sum of my Gameweek scores?
    Transfers deduct points from your total as explained in the rules and before you confirm your transfers.

    Transfers don't seem to be costing me points?
    Transfer points will be deducted at the start of the next Gameweek. Transfers are free of charge before the season starts.

    Can I cancel transfers?
    No. Once you have confirmed your transfers they are final and can't be reversed.

    How do I start a league for my friends?
    First you'll need to create your own team. Once you've done this just click on the leagues link.

    I've created a league. How do I find out the league code to give to my friends?
    From the leagues page you can choose to administer a league you have created. At the top of this page you will find the league code. On this page there is also an option to invite all your friends by email.

    How do I join my friend's league?
    First, you must have selected a team and your friend must give you the league code. After you have this code, simply use the leagues page.

    Is there any limit on the number of leagues I can be in?
    Yes, each team can only be in 5 leagues.

    How do I delete my team from a league?
    On the leagues page you will find a list of the leagues you are currently participating in. Clicking on 'Remove team' will remove your team from the requested league.

    How do I ban a team from a league?
    This feature is only available to the creator of the league. On the leagues page you can choose to administer a league you have created. From here you can ban players from the league.

    Once I have banned a player, how can I let them back in the league?
    On the administer league page you need to uncheck the box next to the Manager's name and then click on 'Make changes'. The manager in question will then have to go through the process of joining the league again by entering the league code.

    What is the difference between a private and a public league?
    Players will be randomly assigned to a public league. All public leagues are created automatically by the computer. A private league is created by a game player and needs knowledge of the unique code to join.

    Is there any limit on the number of teams in a private league?
    No, the more the merrier. Only 50 teams will be show at once though and you'll have to use the back and forward links to navigate through your table.

    Contact information
    Help, my question isn't answered here or in the rules?
    For other help please email Please take time to read through the Game Rules and Help sections as questions that aren't answered here will receive priority.
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