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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by Fire Lovin' Hoosier, May 20, 2007.

  1. GIO17

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    Nov 29, 1998
    In the NYC/NJ area it's four seperate problems.
    1. The bad soccer that's been played with only two good seasons and no cups.
    2. the horrible hooliganish security that keep harrassing the fans to no end.
    3. No public transportation.
    4. There are still some jaded fans who still think the Cosmos will return. They have to be reminded that they aren't coming back & even former Cosmos keeper Shep Messing has said, leave it in the past.
  2. lakaix15

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    Mar 28, 2007
    ummm their not part of the USA, and there number one sport is soccer, you can call them french-canadian

    so they have the european blood in them

    the americans dont they would rather watch a baseball game, and watch them hit a ball every 3 hours n a guy wind up for a pitch ever 5 min and sleep in the stands

    all of us on the boads i assume has a soccer background (european, spanish, asian and african) were soccer is number one thats why we love the game

    or if someone is new to the game some one close to them who has the blood got them in to it

    like in toronto its in there blood they were riased in soccer, its just in them

    for that to happen in america its a long way to go
  3. Pkauffma

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    Feb 23, 2007
    I just stay at home and watch DK, then I use a sound effect program on my computer everytime a play is about to happen. I have the build up, the roar, the angry mob.....all that stuff.

    And here is what I have to say about soccer fans, the best soccer countries have fans that seem to be energetic and passionate about their team.... at least from a T.V. viewership perspective. All the same, the MLS seems to have complacent fans. Is there a right or wrong about it all? No, of course not.

    Which stadium would I rather be in? Thats obvious. The thing is, if fans bring their friends, who may or may not like soccer, they will be sure to go again if the stadium is roaring with energy. If it's a spectacle, then more people will come be a part of it.

    It's obviously an issue that is resulting from casual observation on the fans part, and TFC's contribution to the league
  4. shappy

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    May 18, 2007

    here's a Globe & Mail article that does an good job of shedding some light on the fan support for Toronto FC:

    and a Washington Post article with some similar points.
  5. leg_breaker

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    Dec 23, 2005
    If there's no atmosphere or passion, why bother having an MLS at all? May as well just watch a foreign league on TV.
  6. Pan-T Clause

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    Oct 21, 2004
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    Look there is no real point for either side to try to win over the other. Like I said before if you are into the whole rowdy crowd, do it loud and do it proud. If you aren't do what you do, read your books knit your own scarfs, or just watch the game. Different people act differently. Always have and always will. neither is bad, so long as neither tries to stop the other from their own version of a good time. From what I have read on this thread the people who don't want to be rowdy are the people trying to tell the other folks to go somewhere else. Except for a few. Different strokes for different folks people. That is why the make boxers and briefs, grannies and thongs. The idea that everyone has to act the same is ludacris. No two people are alike. Sorry folks, hate to bring common sense into play here.
  7. John L

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    Sep 20, 2003
    Alexandria, VA
    well - The original idea to insult the casual sports fan is pretty stupid, something I think we all can agree on

    Its the casual sports fan that MLS will need to attract as it hopes to expand and grow within its markets - People who love soccer and want to go see their local pro team are still just too few to really support of the league in its local markets - (Sure, "ethnic" groups will help, but only a bit and thats another discussion)

    So how to attract the casual sports fan and keep them interested, when they're relatively unfamiliar with soccer and no it only from their kids games? - ATMOSPHERE - There a plenty of baseball fans in DC (who are not necessarily "Nationals fans") who really prefer the DC United games over the Nationals games for the atmosphere - OK - A casual weed-day afternoon baseball game will do pretty well, but thats because its very undemanding - But those baseball fans who've come to DC United games all see the huge difference in fans and atmosphere, even on our so-called "quiet side" - And these are the types we need to attract to really make the league solid in the local markets

    So, YES, promote the supporters groups (hear that Red Bull?), help them with blocks for specific sections, provide publicity for them in your ads, etc - But don't insult the "quieter" soccer fans or casual fans for not being like them - You're only driving away the growth potential in your fanbase
  8. DCSharksFC

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    Feb 28, 2003
    Virginia Tech
    its an american thing, seriously, everyone is atmosphere-less at every other sporting event in the US, which is being transferred into the soccer microcosm

    was watching the cavs-pistons game, it was dead, go to any baseball game anywhere over the summer, its dead, there's no such thing as "atmosphere" other than sitting back and enjoying the game, the idea of standing up and singing and chanting is immature

    immature to the point that you only see atmosphere at college football and college basketball games, its why lane stadium is one of the loudest in the nation, and why wvu fans, are dirty, incest ridden, nasty, toothless pricks, cuz the older people get, the more mature they wanna be, set an example, in front of the kids, college kids don't care, hell i've been drinking every nite since school let out, i know my older bro is reading this and is jealous, i throw crap at the tv when dcunited plays like crap, can't do that at home though, momma would get mad, can't do it in front of the little brother gotta set an example

    hell, my problem with america is its become so commercialized that people are waiting to be told what to do, go to the store and buy buy buy, eat at this restaurant eat eat eat, shop online, etc etc, and when you go to the game, you wait for the noise icon on the screen to make some noise, or scream so the girls can slingshot a shirt at you, OR WAIT TIL THE PLAYOFFS, cuz thats when its really important to scream and shout and go nuts, etc etc, hell fundamentalist christians know it and are brainwashing their cult ridden congregations to hell (don't even get me started)

    just my $.02
  9. Boloni86

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    Jun 7, 2000
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    I agree with your overall point that everyone should be allowed to support the team in their way, and the FO should try to acomodate everyone. But I disagree in the marketing strategy that you suggest. The people who love soccer are not too few ... and they need to be the primary marketing focus for many reasons that seem obvious to me. At least half the resources need to be aimed at those who follow international soccer, and the rest can go towards people that participate in soccer but don't follow anything internationally.

    Our secondary marketing target needs to be the people that already attend other sporting events. I personally think hockey fans are the best set to aim for, but really any sports fan will do.

    And lastly whatever marketing funds are left over, they can be allocated to general marketing. Things like billboards and radio ads that target the general public.
  10. TFCSteve

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    Apr 16, 2007
    I agree that the casual fan is very important to bring in, but as some have said, I believe that atmosphere is the way to do it. TFC started strong, with a lot of soccer fans that knew how to create, not just consume, the type of atmosphere they desired. This was key, but not the whole story. When I went to the game on sat, I overheard a bunch of people on cell phones (before getting in) complaining about how much the scalpers were charging (100 bucks for cheap seats) to get in. After talking to some of them, it became apparent that they had seen the TFC on TV, read the articles about the atmosphere and support, and become intrigued. People are drawn to passion. When they see the kind of passion exhibited by the fans at BMO, they naturally start to wonder why, and develop an interest in the game, because 20,000 screaming fans can't be wrong, and if those 20,000 people don't think soccer is a "boring" game, maybe they have a point. Passion feeds on inself. If you are in a group of people screaming, yelling, swearing at the ref, jumping and hugging like they won the lottery for a first half goal, you start to get into it, it's just human nature.

    Basically, the casual fans are important, not to go to the game, but to increase the viewship on TV, increase the ad dollars, and generate the revenue the league needs to survive. I believe (and I will be proven wrong or right in the upcoming seasons) that when you get a certain level of comittment and atmosphere at a game, it become self sufficient, and for every person that gives up there seat, you will have 10 waiting to take it. This is what I hope TFC has done, and personally, I think the only thing that can stop it now is the FO pissing off the supporters groups (the supporters groups are the heart of the crowd, they go over the top so the rest of the crowd can feel comfortable doing what they want).
  11. stillkicking

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    May 13, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    Yes - this has been a huge help here in Toronto. I was worried that TFC was going to go overboard on announcements (after all same company owns the Raptors and they can't let a second go by without yapping at us. I think TFC started to affect the Raptor crowd and this is wonderful. Last Raptor home playoff game the upper bowl started singing Jose, Jose, Jose to the tune of Ole,Ole, Ole, Ole to cheer on Jose Calderon). TFC fans have ruled the airwaves !!
  12. RealGooner

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    May 2, 2005
    As a matter of fact, TFC took out huge ads in the free Metro paper...a wrap-around cover ad actually, and the background design of the ad was an image of TFC fans...and the pic they used was of Usector supporters in Toronto jerseys cheering and holding up scarves on our Boston trip. Wherever possible, TFC has not hesitated to use images of boisterous supporters as 'the' image of TFC fans...and TFC fans have taken their cue from this.
  13. TheScarfMachine

    May 1, 2007
    Baltimore, MD
    Philadelphia Union
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    United States


    You might want to ask your college for a refund...
  14. RealGooner

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    May 2, 2005

    Precisely. Casual fans in Toronto were drawn to the buzz created by all the talk about the atmosphere at the games. In games without atmosphere, the game itself has to attact casual fans on its own merits. If the game isn't the highest quality, ( and we know MLS isnt the best quality out there) then its hard to sustain their interest. But with a thrilling atmosphere, well who cares if were not watching Messi and Ronaldo? If you're having a whale of a time cheering on Smith , Jones and Burpo, your'll want to do it again and again even if you have no idea who these guys are.
  15. BBBulldog

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    If rest of DavidP's friends are like that I sure hope there's never team in GA area :D
  16. usasoccerhooligan

    May 1, 2005

    the period can also be used to end sentences, not just for decimal numbers.
  17. canammj

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    Aug 25, 2004
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    United States
    Excellent summary.. As long as the team can remain competitive, hope is things will continue...
  18. CHICO13

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    SECTION 135
    The Strongest La Paz
    Nat'l Team:
    Having travelled to my fair share of stadiums in MLS one thing that people fail to mention is that security works WAY different in each one of them. CSC works just about all of them but the difference between CSC in NY/NJ and Columbus is night and day. The NY/NJ goons will kick your ass just for looking at them funny. Columbus CSC will actually help and assist you in any way possible. CSC at DC United games goes from indifferent to violent. I already hear about crap in Colorado's new stadium. I didn't even SEE security in Toronto.

    You can't foster any kind of growth when the respective front offices and security just don't get it. I'm pretty sure CSC in NY/NJ has beaten their own fans into submission. At some point people will say **** it, it's not worth the hassle.
  19. DavidP

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    Mar 21, 1999
    Powder Springs, GA
    I never said I was against all of that (read my posts again), I just don't get into it, and would appreciate it not being rammed down my throat, as if that's the only way a soccer fan can be. If that's what you like, knock yourself out. If I owned a team, I'd make an area specifically for "supporters," (north end zone probably, like in Europe) and make sure they had a good experience. I might even go over and sit in with them on occasion. But, I'm sure MLS wouldn't care if they put a team in Atlanta, and our attendance made Toronto look like a U-8 match, and all the fans were like me. Conversely, if all the fans were like you guys, and the average attendance was in the 5,000s, they'd have a problem with it. I would seriously hope that there is room for both of us, but, sadly, it doesn't look like it, so I'll let a so-called "real" fan have my seat.

    BTW, I'd rather have two USL D-1 sides here anyway.
  20. DavidP

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    Mar 21, 1999
    Powder Springs, GA
    Well put. Thanks.
  21. RoundBallNewbie

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    You've never heard of Braves, Thrashers, and Hawks "fans"?
  22. RealGooner

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    May 2, 2005
    Thats because all 10 of them were clustered in the South End where the supporters were. The away fans in the north end get a free ride lol
  23. NebraskaAddick

    Aug 26, 2005
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    I have an idea that might be better. At Nebraska football games, during time outs they have this physics professor on the jumbotron give lessons relating to sports physics, and the crowd loves it.

    Well, I'm thinking that at MLS games, during halftime or injury delays, they could have a "professor" explain nuances of the game on the jumbotron so everyone can see it. The hardcore fans might feel insulted, but if they look at the big picture, it could be a good thing.
  24. krayzie

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    best post of this thread, but sadly the eurosnobs won't hear you. So they will keep whining... huh huh
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    I know Braves are either football or baseball and no idea what others are :eek:

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