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Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by nyrmetros, Nov 29, 2004.

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    Feb 7, 2004

    "Here's a look at what it costs you to support your team. In the first column is Team Marketing Report's Fan Cost Index for four average-cost tickets, (luxury suites are excluded) two programs, parking, two souvenir caps and refreshments (two small beers, four small soft drinks, four hot dogs) total. The second column is the cost of an average ticket. Numbers are rounded to nearest dollar, and travel, meals and accommodations are not included."


    So where would MLS teams rank in this field?
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    I would like to ask people if they actually buy programs and apparel every time they go to a game?

    The last time I bough apparel at the actual stadium was when I bought a shirt at a Mutiny game in about 2000, and the only time I ever see long lines at the stadium store is during Thrashers games because here in the south most people don't have hockey apparel. I also never buy programs because they usually hand out little booklets with team rosters and that is all I care about, and rarely ever see people purchasing them.

    As for the parking they should've factored in that some stadiums are in the middle of cities and that some have a mass transit system that drops you off at the stadium.
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    I hate this report for these exact reasons.
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    Yeah these types of "I can't even take my family to a game!!!' things are such ****************. They always factor in the price of programs, food, souvenier cups etc etc etc, all that crap that has absolutely nothing to do with the game. Ticket prices are expensive, but if you're worrying about the cost then maybe you dont' have to buy little billy a $12 soda. Bugs me too when people really rip about not being able to afford games. It's too bad prices are so high, but owners wouldn't be able to charge it if there wasn't a demand. It's not like going to a pro-sporting event is exactly a nessicity of life. Want your kid to expierence something like that live? Fine. Take him to a college or minor league game.
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    I'll buy scorecards for baseball games if I don't bring my own scorebook, or programs for football. Never two, like the study mentions (WTF happened to sharing?). As to apparel, let's see: My older brother bought me a Cardinals cap when he took me to my first ever big-league game (when I was 6), and I bought a Chicago Fire hooded sweatshirt in 1999 when the wind shifted and brought very cold air off lake Michigan. The other 300 or so times I've bought a ticket to a college or professional sporting event, my wardrobe remained unaltered as a result.

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