Extra Ticket for LFC vs Roma Match in St. Louis

Discussion in 'Liverpool' started by W.A.S.P., Jul 25, 2016.

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    I've asked several friends and they can't make it, so I've taken to Big Soccer.

    I'm going to the match at Busch Stadium on Monday, Aug. 1 and I have an extra ticket in a very good viewing area of the stadium. I bought two tickets more than a month ago, one for me and another for someone else. Pretty simple, but not so much. Thought I had a handful of friends lined up, but they all couldn't make it, plus some others. I don't want to waste the ticket that I already paid for and that's why that this ticket is free of charge.

    The seating is Section 356, row 1, seat 19 or 20. They're pretty high up, but the seats align very close to the halfway line and they're at the front of the section.

    So if you want to watch Liverpool for free with me, some random guy, then inbox me for further details.

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