Expansion Draft Who should we protect and who not to.

Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by DANNO49, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. DANNO49

    DANNO49 Member

    Feb 6, 2001
    Hawthorne CA
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    We should protect Hartman,Ruiz.Saragosa,Marshall, Suarez,Cailff,Victorine,Jones,and Torres. The rest inclucing ,Mr. I disapper in big games Albright , can all go IMHO. :)
  2. profiled

    profiled Moderator
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    Feb 7, 2000
    slightly north of a mile high
    Los Angeles Galaxy

    Maybe we can give up our entire team, then just take part in the draft ourselves, it can't get any worse.
  3. churchill2000

    churchill2000 3x MLS Cup Champions

    Jul 12, 2004
    Monde Virtuel
    Los Angeles Galaxy

    Protect Victorine?

    He has been one of the biggest problems, especially since Sampson came to LA.
  4. Tyler66

    Tyler66 New Member

    Apr 22, 2004
    Protect: Chris Albright, Danny Califf, Ned Grabavoy, Kevin Hartman, Jovan Kirovski, Tyrone Marshall, Alejandro Moreno, Joseph Ngwenya, Carlos Ruiz, Marcelo Saragosa, Ryan Suarez, and Peter Vaganes.
  5. ugaaccountant

    ugaaccountant New Member

    Oct 26, 2003
    Is gardner any good? I heard almost nothing about him this year for such a high pick.
  6. dashiel

    dashiel Member+

    Jul 15, 2000
    orange county
    protect: none of em. this team as it stands don't deserve to play in the best soccer stadium in america. uncle phil opens his pocket books and this is the way the GM, manager and team repays him? boring, unattractive, unproductive soccer. sell them all.
  7. profiled

    profiled Moderator
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    Feb 7, 2000
    slightly north of a mile high
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    I concur.
  8. stopper4

    stopper4 Member

    Jan 24, 2000
    FC Dallas
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    United States
    Blah. Blah. Blah.

    Add a productive offesive player or two in the midfield and you're a top team.
  9. TequilaJoal

    TequilaJoal Red Card

    Mar 3, 2002
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States

    Easier said than done.
  10. The Cadaver

    The Cadaver It's very quiet here.

    Oct 24, 2000
    La Cañada, CA
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    We know we won't lose more than what, three? I'm pretty relaxed about the draft now. No matter who goes, we won't miss them very much.
  11. mbar

    mbar Member+

    Apr 30, 1999
    Los Angeles, CA
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    The key to whom to protect and whom not to protect depends entirely on who the cancer (or cancers) on the team are.

    Without a doubt our players all are basically the same talent level relevant to each other. The exceptions possibly being Ruiz, Kiro and Hartman being slightly more valuable then the others. However, if any of these guys are the cancer in the locker room (I'm looking in your direction Carlos) then they have to go.

    The Galaxy played like a team that hated one another. There was no passion or team spirit. I noticed this last year and hoped that it would go away by shuffleing the deck but it is so obvious that there are internal problems on the team. Changing coaches clearly hasn't helped so whomever is the problem must go. I don't care who it is. The Galaxy would be better served by players who are selfless in their dedication to their teamates.

    Without knowing who the problem players are behind the scenes, my list of protectees would include the following:

    Kiro (I think he is the only player who raised his game in the last 1/4 of the season.
    Saragosa (Assuming there is any chance of him coming back)
    Jones (He really is one of our most effective players still. sad but true)
    Grabbavoy (Assuming Sampson will play him.)
  12. crookeddy

    crookeddy Member+

    Apr 27, 2004
    WARNING: Rant follows.

    Replace all the players that are below average with someone that actually has some hope of improvement. So bye bye to:


    And I wish we could find someone to replace Cobi, and I also wish Hartman would become more consistant. Our defense is still fine as long as we dont lose marshall or Califf, though Albright is not a good defender. A good offensive defender maybe, but he's not actually very good at defense.

    We need a new #10 as urgently as we did last year. Last offseason we got Herzog, will we get anyone this year? Actually its not as urgent.... We have Garabavoy but 2 questions remain about him: Is he ready to be the main playmaker on the team consistantly and just as importantly, is he even gonna play. But we must keep him, he has future star written all over him.

    Oh and if Ruiz leaves we can't let him leave to another MLS team. There is no doubt in my mind that if he stays in MLS playing for another team he will make the Galaxy pay.

    Ngwenya could become a good Forward (NOT MIDFIELDER) if he learned how to have a good first touch and pass the ball. Maybe we should try and keep him.

    I would not miss Torres or Gonzalez, I hope Chivas gets em both, they aren't gonan help em anyway. Maybe they will play for them next year and they can help us out in the playoffs by sucking like our new good freind Ricky Lewis. I mean he helped us more when playing for Colorado then he ever did as a G.

    Do we need another forward? I don't know, but we lack players with true goal scoring instincts. The types of players that somehow always end up in the right place at the right time.

    I hate the way Sampson coaches, but give the bastard the offseason, in the ineterest of fairness.
  13. iride_mybike

    iride_mybike Member

    Mar 31, 2004
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    Memo, Gardner and Grabavoy are all P-40. Unless MLS graduates them before the draft we won't have to protect them.
  14. mbar

    mbar Member+

    Apr 30, 1999
    Los Angeles, CA
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    I think for Memo's own good we should give him to Chivas.
  15. SoulflyTribeFC

    SoulflyTribeFC New Member

    Mar 24, 2002
    With Sampson's connections to Costa Rica, I wonder if we'll get a Costa Rican player here running the midfield next season.

    As for protecting players, Jovan might have played himself onto the team for next season. I would think we need a playmaker to replace herzog but then we'd just be getting someone to replace his seat on the bench. We should get someone to replace Jovan's sorry ass.

    What's Saragosa's status? Is he coming back next season or does he have to go back to Brazil? Will he have to be protected? Can't lose that guy...
  16. cleschke

    cleschke Member+

    Aug 16, 2004
    Fullerton, CA
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    Before I take a stab at this can somebody explain off the top of their heads MLS' rules for the expansion draft, i.e. how many players we can protect from each designation and so forth? The league's regulations are confusing as heck sometimes and this is one of those times.
  17. ChiBear

    ChiBear New Member

    Feb 14, 2002
    Give that the Galaxy can protect 12 Senior players, I am assuming that P-40 and Developmental players do not need protected. Therefore, I believe these players are not subject to the Expansion Draft:

    Chris Aloisi - DEV

    Josh Gardner - P-40

    Guillermo Gonzalez - P-40

    Alan Gordon - DEV

    Ned Grabavoy - P-40

    Scot Thompson - DEV

    Of the remaining 18 "Senior" players, 12 players can be protected, but only 1 SI can be exposed to the draft. Of course, no one knows what formation Sampson wants to play next season. The Galaxy certainly have players that are better suited to a 4 back system as compared to a 3 back system.

    Again, taking the dangerous assumption route, here are my predictions (hopes) for the upcoming Expansion draft. The 12 protected senior players wiil be:

    Chris Albright - This would likely be dependant on whether Sampson intends to remain with 4 in the back.

    Paul Broome - This would also likely be dependant on whether Sampson intends on 4 in the back.

    Danny Califf - Should return to one the best defenders, after injury plagued year. Works in either a 3 or 4 back system.

    Kevin Hartman - I do not believe that Popik would be considered as a full time keeper.

    Cobi Jones - I would like to see him become more of 20 minute player... that is of course assuming a right mid can be found. Good teams always need a player on the bench who can provide a spark.

    Jovan Kirovski - I thought he played well down the stretch. Attacking mid seems to be a good position for him. Especially when playing 5 in the midfield.

    Tyrone Marshall - It certainly can be argued that he was the backbone of the defense this year. Can play either 3 or 4 back system. Personally, I believe that he should get a look at D-Mid is Saragosa does not return.

    Joseph Ngwenya - T-I... not sure when the decision on him has to be made for him utilizing an SI slot him... was a bit erratic at times, but certainly showed some nice... if not raw skills.

    Carlos Ruiz - S-I/DISC... Possibly has worn out his welcome. But I am assuming that Herzog will be considered unprotected because he is retiring.

    Marcelo Saragosa - T-I... I really do not know how his loan will be considered, in terms or having to protect him. Does he even need to be protected... essentially he does not have an MLS contract??? I would like to see him signed long term... but than again, do I want an SI slot used on a d-mid.

    Ryan Suarez - Really, where would the Galaxy had been this season defensively without Saurez. Would we have even made the playoffs, considering all the games missed by Marshall and Califf due to injury and National team duty. I hope I was not the only one who felt bad for him, that he was essentially benched for the playoffs.

    Peter Vagenas - A lot of people would disagree with this one. But, if the Galaxy plays 5 in the midfield again next season... he would be missed. Not to mention, he is worth keeping around... just in case Saragosa does not return.

    That leaves my upprotected list as follows:

    Andreas Herzog - S-I... retiring

    Hong Myung-Bo - retiring

    Sasha Victorine - I really hope to NEVER see him in a Galaxy uniform again... many may point out that he can play many positions... but he S**KS at all of them. Gets my vote for the most over rated player in the MLS. I can only hope that Salt Lake will even take him... By the way... have I ever mentioned that I think Victorine is totally USELESS.

    Arturo Torres - Has had many opportunities, but at best, has been inconsistant... Looks like perfect Chivas material to me.

    Alejandro Moreno - I love his attitude and effort. However, I just think his skills do justify protecting him. He is best suited to play Ruiz's position and now the Galaxy have Gordon. Simply put... odd man out. If he is unprotected, I would suspect that he would be pulled after the first Galaxy player is selected.

    Dan Popik - DISC... possibly a bit of a gamble as he is a quality backup keeper. However, with the possiblity of Keller returning and players such as Warren, Garlick, Ring and Brown likely to be unprotected... Popik's lack of playing time should leave him overlooked.
  18. #1albright_fan

    #1albright_fan New Member

    Oct 11, 2004
    BS!!! Albright has not missed big games.....man what the hells your problem. u must be joking. What. what do u mean "mr. i disappear in big games albright." u seriously don't watch LAG games do you? when u actually see their games and albright play, then comment!!! :mad:
  19. SoulflyTribeFC

    SoulflyTribeFC New Member

    Mar 24, 2002
    Kinda agree with #1 Albright fan here. He came up big in the second leg of the Colorado series with his timely headers. The whole team disappeared in KC, not just him.

    I'd like to see him return.
  20. singnfreak

    singnfreak New Member

    Nov 9, 2004
    Chino freakin' Hills
    Ruiz has honestly, positively, most definitely, as if the world was depended upon itself in a war of nuclear bombs, and most absolutely, undeniably has to…LEAVE! Draft the man(had a funny insult but couldn't use it on here) who decides on when he FEELS like he wants to make a goal…he’s boring and isn’t reliable on making any goals. With that attitude, his scoring is going down the drain and he’s bringing the whole team down with him.

    And YES! I'm an Albright fan and I don't think it would be right for the team to lose him.
  21. rokstedy

    rokstedy Member+

    I love commieball
    Apr 20, 2001
    Northwest Orange County
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    This was my sentiment after the KC loss. Everyone was hopeless.

    But I have a short list who I'd like to see protected:
    • Saragosa - good DM
    • Albright - grew as a RB and will continue to do so
    • Marshall - I'd like to see more solid games from him
    • Grabavoy - Haven't seen him much lately. What's up Stevie? He should be our playmaker.
  22. NICDT Coach

    NICDT Coach Member

    Jul 17, 2000
    Cd'A, Idaho
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    All I know is that if we lose Ned but still have Memo or Torres, Sampson should be strung up by his balls.
  23. churchill2000

    churchill2000 3x MLS Cup Champions

    Jul 12, 2004
    Monde Virtuel
    Los Angeles Galaxy
    The good news; Ned is exempt from draft.
    The bad news; If Sampson stays, Ned gets no pt.

    I think the problem with keeping Sampson is that, since he knows very little about MLS, and LA, he will keep Sigi's boys, because he lacks any knowledge and would play them to appear in control.

    That's why I am jumping on the bandwagon that, Assistant Coach,
    Martin Vasquez should be given the "interim coach" job.

    Reasons this wouldn't be bad;
    1) He knows alot about MLS, and LA, not to mention he played for the team.

    2) Knows which players are the problems, and which players will be the future.

    3) Because he his given the "interim" label, LA has the oppurtunity to patiently look for a coach that would be perfect for the team, and have no problems doing it.
  24. srosenbery

    srosenbery New Member

    Nov 10, 2004
    Perris, Ca
    Los Angeles Galaxy

    What happened to Grabavoy? Showed promise early and than Sampson never played him. I don't know who all to protect but let Ruiz go. Too much crying and not a team player. Keep Victorine, good utility man and does not compalin. Veganes and Cobi - time to go. Thanks for everything but your done. Sampson does not impress me. Martin vasquez should run the team. Interacts well with players. Saragosa, Marshall, Suarez, Califf, Hartman protect with all your might. Joseph is the most promising but needs to learn to be a bit more agressive. Moreno? Kirovski is borderline. Albright but not in defense. Back to forward or Mid. Aloisi and Gardner ? Did not see enough of them.
  25. aaron90025

    aaron90025 New Member

    May 1, 2003
    W.Los Angeles
    Relax! Have a drink. You act as if were Dallas or something. We came one game away from the final. ONE GAME! Our only major problem is we can't win away from home. That's it. Do you know where the G's would be if we won atleast half of those games??

    I'll tell you, we would've been the #1 team in the league, the supporter's shield and MLS Champions! Would you have said this crap then?

    Didn't think so!

    Oh, back to my prediction...

    protect who you want just leave vagenas, ruiz and victorine out of it.

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