News: Executive Condominiums (EC) in Singapore

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    Executive Condominiums (EC) in Singapore
    It is important to note that there's not any big difference between executive condominiums and private condos besides the rules and regulations that govern buying and selling executive condominiums in Singapore. Executive condos are still public or government housing flats that were constructed on subsidized lands. Executive condos in Singapore will be the posh housing structures provided by the general public.

    You cannot own a Brand new Executive Condominium in Singapore if you're not a citizen of Singapore or if your household doesn't have at least one individual who is a permanent resident or Singaporean.

    If you are Planning to own a house, choosing between a private condo and executive condo can be hard sometimes because there is actually no difference between these two. Executive condominiums have the same facilities spaces exactly like private condominiums.

    If you are person Who does not examine the nitty gritty when buying a house and if you're searching for a posh shelter for the loved ones, the best option would be executive condominiums which have been subsidized by the government.
    If you're a person looking for a home that you can turn into long-term kind of investment or something you can hold indefinitely without being limited, a private condominium would be the smartest choice. Owning a private condominium comes with benefits but executive condominiums are also cheap for middle income earners.

    Quick differences between executive condominiums and Amenities

    Private Condominiums and executive condos in Singapore have the same amenities and facilities but the gap could be in parking area for tenants.


    Executive Foreigners can only have the ability to get these homes after 10 years. For Private condominiums, there are no buy or sell restrictions.


    Executive condos In Singapore have a 99-year leasehold while private condos come with freehold status.


    Executive condos In Singapore are priced at roughly 20-30% less than costs of private Compared to private condominiums, executive Condos are a lot cheaper and affordable.

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