Ex-Revs: Where Are They Now? Mike Burns [NRC]

Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by ProfZodiac, Sep 16, 2003.

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    And I interviewed Mike Burns today for our local club's newsletter. Burns was running practices for a few teams here in Framingham, and I got the chance to speak to him. My conclusions:

    Burnsie is a really nice guy. He was doing his best to communicate with the U-8 and U-10 girls teams that were more interested in what earrings the other team was wearing.

    Burnsie is a really generous guy. He's giving up 3-4 days a week to coach pretty much every team in Framingham United, and those who know the organization know that that's a whole lotta teams. A wicked lotta teams.

    [personal note] Burns found out, from my father apparently, that I'm a diehard Rev fan, and he commented that last year must have really crushed me, and I told him no, not as much as the Columbus game in 1996. Nothing will ever compare to that. [end personal note]

    To any extent, Mike Burns, in his first year off-the-job, is doing more soccer stuff, teaching younger kids how to play, and the coaches what to do.

    Way to go, Mike Burns.
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    Good to see he's still active in the game at the local level. We will eventually arise as a "soccer nation" when there are a ton of ex-pro players out there coaching kids, colleges, and pro teams of varying levels, in addition to working in the media, either writing or TV/radio commentary. With the first wave of MLS players starting to move on, this will do a lot more for the game long-term than if the Metros signed George Weah a hundred times.

    BTW, why would anyone have been "crushed" by last year? Sure, losing the final on a golden goal is a heartbreaker, but the whole last part of the season was some of the most enjoyable times I've ever had following soccer. If nothing else, this season would be the crusher, since we had our hopes lifted by last year's run, only to be pummeled back to earth with a winless July and August.

    So was Burnsie wearing the jersey they took from Ibraham Kante's locker when they decided to "honor" him?

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    I gotta agree with Tom

    ! SHOCK !

    When the 94 and 98 guys as bad as that team was retire and start to coach the kids, that's when our level of play will improve

    The dad's sure do try, but ever watch a youth team practice ? It's horrifying !

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