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    EVERYONE: If you're concerned about the upcoming Fox Bundesliga coverage, to which there has been little press about. I have put together a letter for a grassroots public interest campaign to contact Fox.

    If everyone could copy this letter, and make it your own with a slight adjustment, so they know it's not computer generated, and submit it both in digital format through their online feedback page, and submit physical letters to their corporate offices, it might start the gears working to release more information about their intent. It also might show them there is a larger and more devout market than they anticipated, perhaps raising their perspective on what they had intended.

    This has worked before, I was part of one 20 years ago started by Seth MacFarlane that helped get 'The Family Guy' back on the air, after it was taken off (through the email loismustdie@yahoo.com). We continually emailed executives, for address he provided, and it kept on growing, until ABC actually started showing it. Then with the ABC coverage, and more letters to Fox 'The Family Guy' has turned into one of their biggest programs.

    Let's see what it can do for getting Bundesliga/Bayern games on the air as well.

    Please Copy and Submit this letter to them, and share it with every one of your members, every Bayern page you're on, and any other Bundesliga supporters you're aware of;

    "Fox Sports Programming and Public Media Department,

    I am writing to you as the leader of a supporters group for a German soccer team, Bayern Munich, the 25 time Bundesliga Champion, 5 time European Champion, and 3 time World Champion, that actually has more supporters groups across the United States than any other soccer club.

    We are excited that you have decided to pick up the television rights for the Bundesliga. For a soccer fan, it seems like a no-brainer to pick up the rights to the 2nd/3rd ranked league in the world, home of the reigning World Cup champions, which perennially has the highest average attendance and highest goals per game average.

    However, many of us have had to work to find access to GolTV or an alternative source for coverage over the last several years. We are all concerned with how that programming will take place on Fox, since there hasn't been much communicated publicly about it.

    Many of us go out of our way to get specific subscriptions to television carriers and packages based on who is showing matches and where, and what it takes to be able to guarantee the ability to see them all. It can be quite expensive to get, and even more expensive to have to switch when things change. We also plan gatherings in public establishments, and would need to know that they're going to be able to show the game before deciding to set up arrangements with them.

    We would like to know more about how you're going to show the Bundesliga coverage, so we can begin planning out television packages and locations for gatherings moving forward.

    Can you please release some more information on your intention to show Bundesliga matches on Fox?

    One of the numerous concerned fans of the Bundesliga"

    Here is the Corporate Mailing Address;

    Fox Sports Corporate Headquarters Office HQ:
    10201 W. Pico, Bld. 103,
    Los Angeles, CA 90035

    Here is the online feedback page;


    Just fill it out in the comments field and submit it with your email address.

    Select any category combination you want. I chose "Television" and "Fox Soccer Channel". You may find another option more preferable. When you're done you will get a response of;

    "Your Question has been Submitted

    Thanks for submitting your question. Use this reference number for follow up: #150615-000043"

    It won't hurt to share all the follow up numbers in the comments so we can see that they're adding up.

    If we can overload them with support, it could help make a difference.

    I will update if I hear more, or can locate better destinations to send these letters to.

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