Eredivisie season 2023-2024 Ratings and comments

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  1. Voetbal International's team of the week matchday 16:


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  2. The reason why the PEC Zwolle equalizer wasnot cancelled:
    .. If Thy had touched the ball with his hand, referee Joey Kooij (or the VAR) would have cancelled the goal. For this season, the same was true for the player with the assist, in this case Vellios. This rule was changed before the start of the current year. If a player other than the goalscorer unknowingly plays the ball against his own arm via a body part, there is no criminal offence. Unless the arm is in an unnatural position. According to the arbitration, that was not the case.
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    Nat'l Team:
    Looks like Almere City has some individual talent.
  4. AD Sportwereld best eleven of the first 16 matches (sort of half season)

    Interesting details about players sofar this season!
    Beste spelers top 10:
    1. Jerdy Schouten (PSV) 7,21 (12)
    2. David Hancko (Feyenoord) 6,81 (16)
    3. Jordy Clasie (AZ) 6,80 (15)
    4. Jordan Teze (PSV) 6,77 (11)
    5. Joey Veerman (PSV) 6,75 (16)
    6. Luuk de Jong (PSV) 6,75 (16)
    7. Guus Til (PSV) 6,73 (13)
    8. Sergiño Dest (PSV) 6,73 (11)
    9. Walter Benítez (PSV) 6,69 (16)
    10. Quilindschy Hartman (Feyenoord) 6,67 (15)

    Fastest Player:
    1. Couhaib Driouech (Excelsior) 34.55 km/h
    2. Ernest Poku (AZ) 33.88 km/h
    3. Denilho Cleonise (RKC) 33.84 km/h
    4. Patrick van Aanholt (PSV) 33.76 km/h
    5. Yankuba Minteh (Feyenoord) 33.62 km/h
    Speed demon Couhaib Driouech of Excelsior is the fastest player in the Eredivisie. The winger squeezed out a sprint of more than 34 kilometers per hour. A result of heavy training at Excelsior, and practice sessions with a personal trainer in the dunes of Schoorl. "I'm just super explosive," he said recently in NRC. He still has something to gain, by the way. Superstar Kylian Mbappé once reached a speed of 38.5 kilometers per hour.

    Scheidsrechters top 5:
    1. Danny Makkelie 6,82 (11)
    2. Bas Nijhuis 6,35 (10)
    3. Serdar Gözübüyük 6,18 (11)
    4. Jeroen Manschot 6,11 (9)
    5. Allard Lindhout 6,05 (10)
  6. Feyenoord and PSV will have to do without important players in Januari, due to the Africa up.
    Ramiz Zerrouki is part of the Algeria selection. Collegue-Feyenoorder Yankuba Minteh is one of the Gambia attackers. PSV's Eredivisie-revelation Ismael Saibari might be part of the Morocco selection.

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    Nat'l Team:
  8. ESPN Team of the first half of the season:

  9. Ajax steelt overwinning in 'hogesnelheidsduel' met Go Ahead Eagles
  10. AD Sportwereld Team of the Week matchday 17:

  11. Was curious how may saves Ramaj actually made. He made 10 saves:eek:
    I don't know what Ajax is doing, if you posses 72% and only manage to shoot 6 times on target, which is half of what GA Eagles did, with 1/3 of possession. Lucky to have a good goalie to save the defense ass.
  12. TotW by Voetbal International:

  13. Among Ajax fans alot of fury about the hypocritical signing of Henderson, who seems to be cashing a sign bonus of 1.5 million euro.
    The fury targets the big critic of Mislintat, who was putting him down for signing someone for the spot of silvano vos.
    Now van Kooperen is very happy to pull in Henderson, who's destiny is the sopt of Vos.
    So someone is going to leave Ajax pissed to the hilt I guess. What is his contract status?

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    Don't know who you are talking about. Vos already extended his contract earlier this year, I think to 2027. Henderson is only signed for 2 1/2 years and if he performs as well as Christian Poulsen did a decade ago, I'll be happy. The only other holding MFs are Tahirovic who is just awful; Mannswerk, a Norwegian kid who is supposed to be a big talent but he's been injured most of the season so we don't know whether he is any good or not, and van den Boomen who is slow and cannot defend.

    Vos is a talent and let's hope he gets game time once he is back in training. There are also some good prospects at the U-18 level and below but they are several years away. We'll see how this all plays out.
  15. FC Twente lost against NEC, that in contrast to their normal ruthless style of finishing chances, about the little chances they create they finish, in this match created alot of them, but only scored once.
  16. Team of the Week Voetbal International matchday 18:



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