Eredivisie season 2023-2024 Ratings and comments

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  1. The new season's contours are being shaped with developments within the clubs in preparation for this season.
    So it's time to start the dedicated season 2023-2024 thread.
  2. Ajax seems to have grabbed the headline making midfielder van den Boomen.
    Ajax Showtime has a piece on him, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

    Suleyman Özturk is impressed by the qualities of Branco van den Boomen. According to the journalist of Voetbal International, the player who left for Ajax has one enormous strength and one weak point: his kicking technique and speed, respectively. He calls him unbelievable slow.
    His analysis of how van den Boomen is used at Toulouse makes you wonder how Ajax is going to fit him in.
    So far I get the impression he's a slower Veerman with a better pass.
    It's going to be interesting to see what's the truth on the pitch.
  3. According to Ajax watcher of AD Sportwereld neither Ajax, nor PSV have contacted Peter Bosz.
    The "Telegraaf" (Ajax insiders) tell that Ajax has Kasper Hjulmand and Kjetil Knutsen as options for the coaching job.
  4. Derksen en Driessen fileren 'aanwinsten' Ajax en PSV
    [​IMG]soccernews|6 hours ago
    Ajax presenteerde eerde deze week Branco van den Boomen als de eerste nieuwe zomeraanwinst. De middenvelder komt over van Toulouse, maar Johan Derksen

    Pundits cut to pieces new signing of Ajax, calling players from nr 16 in France no way an improvement.

    Yeah, right. Wieffers was from a team in about the same position in the Eredivisie, so no way he's an improvement for Feyenoord, right?

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    Almere City are in the ED (I believe for the first time??).

    Nice story. I hope they do well next year unless they play Ajax
  6. From tv reports I noticed how much this promotion means for the Almerians. They feel looked down upon by the rest of the country as being a new city without history and not taken seriously. The first houses were inhabitated in 1976, but Almere now is with 223,000 inhabitants the 8th city in the Netherlands.
    So with a club in the "Eredivisie" they feel now an undeniable part of the country.
    History of the club:

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  7. So the contours of the new season are being drawn.
    PSV has signed Peter Bosz, and if Sparta doesnot block it Ajax new coach is Maurice Steijn.
    FC Twente already had signed Oosting.
    The question mark is now only hanging over AZ, as the rumours are that Celtic want to sign Pascal Jansen.
    Hope AZ can keep him in, as we need the top 5 being coached well, both for the fun of the Eredivisie, as for our performances in UEFA silverware competitions.
    Next phase is to see how the build up of the new teams is going to look like.
  8. Seems like Fred Rutten is on his way to succeed Steijn at Sparta Rotterdam.
  9. Ajax is getting to deal with the top 5 clubs early in the season. They meet FC Twente and Feyenoord already in round 5 and 6 in weekends of September 20 and 27!
    Wonder to whom that's going to be an advantage.
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  11. Now I want Boadu as target man. His explosiveness from stand still is so high, he would benefit from this rule tremendously.
    However I doubt it will be tested in Eredivisie/professional matches. All other tests were in lower/amateur settings and in youth matches.

  12. That's weird.
    For a some time now when I google for news around Feyenoord, PSV, AZ, Ajax, Twente, I get Dutch suggestions, except for PSV. The search results for them are starting with English language results first.

    Willem van Hanegem: ‘Als Maurice Steijn verstandig is, geeft hij Calvin Bassey de kans’
    Willem van Hanegem: 'If Maurice Steijn is sensible, he will give Calvin Bassey the chance'
    He seems to be a fan of Bassey, even said he wouldput him in the Feyenoord defense without second thoughts, when the whole Ajax crowd and the rest of the country tore him down after a couple of comedy caper performances.
    Anybody in here who can understand him?

  14. He has a tip for Steijn:
    Ajax and PSV start the upcoming Eredivisie season with new coaches. For Maurice Steijn, who left Sparta for Ajax, Willem van Hanegem has a tip. "Calvin Bassey can be a very good defender, if you don't let him do those complicated things on the sides." According to Van Hanegem, the centre that should be given a chance should consist of Calvin Bassey and the young talent Jorrel Hato. "I would be fine with that, and I'm concerned about how much that cost Bassey, I think he can just defend."
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    van Hanegem has no clue about what he is writing about. Bassey, while a talented athlete, is a very poor soccer player.
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  16. So we agree on him being ripe for geriatric retirement:D
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    Apparently its bullshit. It wont be tried at the senior level

  18. Wim Kieft is negative about some things at Ajax and isnot hopefull about a recovery this season
    'Ik heb nog niet veel vertrouwen in Mislintat, er hangt verziekte sfeer bij Ajax'
    [​IMG]VoetbalPrimeur|55 minutes ago
    Wim Kieft moet nog maar zien of Ajax zich weet te revancheren voor het teleurstellende afgelopen seizoen. De oud-spits is tot dusver niet onder de indruk van transferbeleid van directeur voetbalzaken

    'I don't have much faith in Mislintat yet, there is a sick atmosphere at Ajax'
    VoetbalPrimeur|55 minutes ago
    Wim Kieft has yet to see if Ajax can get revenge for the disappointing last season. The former striker has so far been unimpressed by the transfer policy of the director of football affairs

    I personally think he's expecting too much to be seen already in the time frame the German has been at Ajax.

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  19. What most people don't realize is how much the winter world cup has been a factor in the Feyenoord title run.
    Unlike the PSV and Ajax coaches, Slot took the opportunity to finish the job of galvanizing the team as a unit, which was unfinished when the competition started, due to the influx of so many new players, who were available quite late. It also gave him the opportunity to get the team at a fitness level that outshined the rest of the league.
    We now have the situation that Feyenoord is in a stable transfer situation, in which there's no expectation of a huge out- and influx of players, so Slot can continue on the fundament laid down last season.
    When we look at the three, four if we count in fc Twente too, we see a totally different situation.
    Ajax and PSV are in the same turmoil as last summer, with PSV atm having the headstart versus Ajax with the completion of their attack.
    All five still have to wait and see and act regarding the selling of their major assets which still are looming.

    So atm Feyenoord has a headstart versus the four competitors for the title, but that could change within a blink if for instance Geertruida/Hancko get bids that are ridiculous.
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    He's not wrong
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  21. Mmm, I think Wim underestimates the impact financially of the last two years early outings/lost matches from the UEFA silverware chases and the missing of the CL qualification now has had financially. Mislintat has to wait for players leaving, especially those with high paychecques, and the transfer revenues, before he can really make moves. The pay checques bill of Ajax is quite high and geared to CL involvement each year. The sell out of quality and the not so good scouting/buying proces threw a spanner in the wheels. So before he really can act he needs selling the dead wood of last season.


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