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    Aug 8, 2004
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    Has anyone from USA done a long weekend trip for EPL games. Leave on a Thursday, arrive Friday catch games on Saturday and Sunday and return on Monday or Tuesday. I see where soccertravel.com and XLtravel.com offer such trips. Has anyone used either of those groups? Any other travel agencies offer these types of trips. Anyone done this? Thanks
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    I did this for Blackburn/Man U in May, but I used Expedia to book my flight and hotel, then got the tickets from Blackburn's ticket office. I have to admit that leaving on Thursday and returning on Monday was a bit taxing, so when I go back next month I'm staying a couple of extra days.
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    No. I live in England, so no need.
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    I do it once or twice a year. It's not that bad, if you're a good flier. If you can sleep on planes it's pretty good. The beginning of this month I left on a Thursday for Manchester. Got in Friday, did the Man U tour on Friday then Saturday went to Liverpool to see them play Birmingham then back to Manchester Saturday night. Sunday I went to Old Trafford to see the Manchester derby, Man U - Man City.

    I usually go to a Chelsea game or two the same way. The best way to do it is NOT through one of those services, they're overpriced. Depending on the city you are going to, book the airfare and hotel yourself. If you are going to London (as I do for Chelsea), I use www. virginvacations .com. It's Virgin Atlantic and they have weekend trips for like $300-$400 for hotel AND air together. Then just get your tickets to the game. Also, I try to get to a lower league game while I am in England, the atmosphere is great at some of the grounds.
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    I've done it under my own steam a few times. Fly from San Francisco on Thurs evening, watch games Fri evening, Sat, Sun and Mon, then fly back Tues. Takes a bit of planning to pick the right weekend to make it possible. I've also managed a couple of 9 games in 10 days trips: games on Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun :)

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