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Discussion in 'Premier League' started by phillyhotspur3, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I have tried and tried, countless times over, to find a full online video service for Premier League games and have consistently come up short. So this post aims to address two questions/points:

    1. Does such a service exist?

    I am well aware of the FoxSoccer.tv and Espn 360 services, but neither service offers all 380 games, and FoxSoccer.tv, especially, leaves much to be desired. But if anyone knows of a web service that actually offers a subscription to all 380 games live and on demand, I'd be extremely grateful.

    2. If not, why?

    Football is, as I understand it, the most popular sport in the world. And the Premier League is again, as I understand, the best/most popular league in the world. This being the case, it would stand to reason that the powers that be in the EPL and the FA would seek to cash in on the popularity by creating an online service that enables fans all over the world, especially those outside of the UK, to follow the league and their favorite teams.

    The NFL, which plays the kind of football that most non-American's don't care to watch, offers the NFL Game Pass which, interestingly enough, is only available to those outside the US. At nearly $300, it's not exactly the cheapest subscription, but those 300 dollars get you access to all 65 preseason games, all 256 regular season games, and all 11 playoff games. What's even better is that they offer a team-based package at a hugely reduced price so you can watch all of your team's games.

    The MLB also offers a service on MLB.tv where you can, again, watch all games, from all teams, every day. That's 2,430 games. All for the low price of $129.99. Or, again, less if you follow just one team.

    The NBA and NHL offer similar packages, each priced competitively and offering all 1,200+ games in their respective seasons.

    The MLS also offers a full-season or team package, however (and this is terrible business decision making) they only offer it to customers in the US and Canada - way to expand your exposure, guys!


    All thing considered, the lack of on-demand/live service offered by the EPL, at least what I can find so far, is appalling. FoxSoccer and ESPN may work in the US/Canada/Australia, but the vast majority of the Asian/South American/African markets have gone untouched.

    As an expat living in east Asia, it's annoying that I can watch every game from every American league, both live and on demand (with the exception of the MLS. Again, great job guys!), but can't watch the greatest league in the greatest sport on earth, simply because they don't offer such a service.

    So I'm stuck, week after week, tuning into ESPN Star Asia hoping and praying to the football gods that Tottenham sneaks onto the TV instead of the usual Manchester United or Chelski game.

    NeuLion has done a great job with NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC and many others, and I don't understand why the FA doesn't approach them, or a similar company, to craft a full-feature online live/on-demand service for international fans.


    For access to all 380 games, plus domestic cup games, and maybe a few prime League Championship matchups, I'd certainly be willing to shell out $250 to $400. And I know plenty of other folks who would as well.
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    I know it's not exactly what you want but you can pretty much find a stream on the net to any game and it costs nothing!
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    this is exactly what you need - every epl game every week live and free and more

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    I know it's not exactly what you want but you can pretty much find a stream on the net to any game and it costs nothing![​IMG]

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    love it...keep it coming!
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    If they offered a tailored subscription service online it would affect every tv contract they have. I suppose they maximisr profitability by minimising your options.

    Welcome to the Premier League.
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