El Clasico 2016

Discussion in 'Referee' started by Ickshter, Apr 4, 2016.

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    I was watching the match with my son and a few of his Varsity teammates. Tough game for Hernandez. I don't see how you could not call the foul against Messi near the PA. Not sure if the foul happened on the line or outside, but by the look Jose had, I don't see how he could not call the foul. Also it was Ramos who was already sitting on a YC, should have been sent off in the 25th minute IMO. Not sure if the Suarez hit could have been RC, it looked like he hit his shoulder, but his arm did deflect into the defenders face. With his track record could easily have been a RC. To me I still cannot understand the foul on Bale that took the 2nd goal out for Real, He wasn't offside, it looked like a perfectly played header. Jumped higher than the defender. At least they were able to overcome and Ronaldo got the goal back.

    Good 2nd half of the match though. First half.. Meh...

    Sorry for the techno music, but showed both the Messi foul and the Suarez smack.
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    Ramos earned about 5 YCs on the day...don't think I've ever seen a more blatant "I'm keeping it 11 v 11" performance than that.
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    Absolutely ridiculous.
    Referees may use a 'track record" to help with foul recognition and game management, but cards should be determined by actions during the game and nothing else.

    This was a perfect time for dual cautions: Suarez for the reckless arm, Pepe for the deceptive over-reaction.
  4. Ickshter

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    I am not saying it isn't ridiculous, just that it happens, and that things that might be looked at as incidental might be looked at as malicious depending on who is doing it.

    Hard to give one to Pepe when Suarez looked to intentionally hit him for no other reason than he was swinging his arm like this.. and if you get in it's way it's your fault.
  5. Thug Mentality

    May 30, 2011
    Not a very good game from him tbh, for the reasons you mentioned. Very solid first 23 minutes, then the foul on Messi at the top of the box was missed and it went downhill from there. Ramos should have been sent off numerous times, phantom call against Madrid on Bale's goal. He actually managed the game okay, but the most critical decisions were poor overall.
  6. Cliveworshipper

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    Dec 3, 2006


    He made so many mistakes it's tough to figure out which way the game should have gone. That hardly translates to " he managed the game OK".
  7. Thug Mentality

    May 30, 2011
    Well, the game never got out of control. It was a good decision to card Ramos early on for the dissent, it discouraged that type of activity later. He allowed a good flow to the match, called the proper midfield fouls and advantages. Got most tactical fouls and the strike on Pepe. So yes, the game and players were managed okay in terms of control of player temperament. As I've said, that doesn't mean he did well. Overall he was poor for getting multiple major decisions blatantly wrong.

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