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  1. hihi

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    Mar 17, 2006
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    #1 Why can't I place moderators on the ignore list? My forum has a moderator that makes silly posts. To be honest, I am not even sure how he got the job, but that's fine, I'm not complaining. But how is it possible that I can't ignore him? If he's got any moderating-related messages to make, he can PM me.

    #2 Can you code the ignore list so that it blocks quoted posts as well? I use the ignore list because I don't want to have to read dumbazz posts. What's the point when nearly all of the dumbazz posts are sure to rage other dumbazzes and at this point certain to get quoted? Do I now put every dumbazz, semi-dumbazz, and semi-dumbazztress out there?

    #3 Why isn't there an option to click on a username, and add the user to the ignore list? With #2, I have to have nearly a third of my forum on the ignore list. Thigns just aren't efficient with the way everything is now.
  2. Kryptonite

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    #1 has been requested for quite some time. Unfortunately, whenever (or if) it becomes reality, then most likely, we will not be able to ignore moderators in forums they moderate.

    #2 also has been requested a few times. I have no idea why it can't happen.

    #3 is a good idea, and I do support it.


    That link has other people with similar ideas.
  3. Ben James Ben

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    Apr 28, 2009
    The following Greasemonkey script will hide posts from any user, even mods, super mods, and admins, and it will also hide quoted posts from these users. The same general regexps also work in Privoxy filters. I'm finding that being able to block out users entirely makes the reading the forum much more enjoyable. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name           Ignore users
    // @namespace      My namespace
    // @description    Ignore users in bigsoccer.com forums
    // @include        https://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/*
    // ==/UserScript==
    var ignore_list=["username1","username2","username3"];
    for (var u in ignore_list) {
      var username=ignore_list[u];
      var re1=new RegExp("(<a class=\"bigusername\" href=\"member.php.*\">" +
    username + "<[\\s\\S]*?<!-- message -->)[\\s\\S]*?(<!-- \\/ message -->)",
      var re2=new RegExp("<div>\\s*?Originally Posted by <strong>" + username +
    "<\\/strong>[\\s\\S]*?<div style[\\s\\S]*?<\\/div>", "gim");
      document.body.innerHTML= document.body.innerHTML.replace(re1,"$1$2");
      document.body.innerHTML= document.body.innerHTML.replace(re2,"");
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  4. Cris 09

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  5. Q*bert Jones III

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    Funny, you don't list the Red Bulls as your favorite team.:confused:

    It would be great if one could click on a username and see the option to put them on your ignore list.
  6. Kryptonite

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    Apr 10, 1999
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    FWIW, I still support this idea, as well as the other ones already mentioned.

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